How Golfers Look at Holidays

Is it just me, or do all of us golfers look at holidays a little bit differently than everyone else?  For instance, many people look at Memorial Day or Independence Day as a day for get-togethers with friends and family.., cookouts, parties and fireworks.  Many look at Christmas as a time of giving, sharing and, again, gathering with family.  Golfers look at these days and times this way too.  However, they look at it other ways as well.

For starters, any holiday that gives us a day off from work is instantly thought of as an opportunity to play golf.  Sure, a Memorial Day cookout or Fourth of July party are great!  But maybe we could squeeze at least nine holes in before the party starts, right?  And being that this is Labor Day weekend, what do you think was the first idea that came to mind for having Monday off?  Obviously, golf.  This weekend however, was quickly shut down by the wife due to my choosing to attend a baseball game on Sunday.  Now, some yard work is on the docket for Monday.  Yard work…it gets you every time.

When Christmas time rolls around here in the northeast, obviously, playing golf is not an option for the next few months, at least.  So our attention shifts from playing golf to preparing to play golf.  What does this mean?  It means we ask for gifts pertaining to golf.  Forget the things we need.  We want golf gear.  We put together Christmas lists all related to golf.  We want….no…we need a new putter.  We need a new driver.  We need a new pair of golf shoes.  See what I’m getting at?

We golfers love to spend time with our families.  We love to have a get together, a party or cookout and spend time with others.  We just hope that part of that holiday off from work includes golf.  We love non-golfers.  We just have a little different way of showing it.

Swing ’til you’re happy!


  1. Chris

    You are right. Spending a long weekend on the course is a great idea….however it does eat up most of your family time. I like early birds and tee off before 6 am. Usually I am home by 10 am at the latest….family is just waking up and getting mobile by then. Works for me and enabled me to play 10-20 rounds more a year! By the way, In Canada we start planning to play golf next year in October….usually start playing in early April. How is that for a short season!


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