The World of Golf Collectibles

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I'm pretty sure the words golf and memorabilia are something primarily spoken by a few super dedicated golf collectors and pro tour fanatics. As far back as I remember, I can't recall at any point going out of my way to get an Arnold Palmer rookie card. In all due respect, I'm pretty sure it didn't exist but, you get the point. I wonder what a Tiger rookie goes for these days? But up until … [Read more...]

Dummies For Golf


Last week I was at a friends house.  On our way out, I notice a pile of books.  Right on top is a copy of Golf For Dummies.  I know my friend doesn't golf, but the roommate does.  So I jokingly announce they should stop reading that book, to which "Why?" is the reply.  I said, "if he's reading that book, then he must stink at golf.  And the sooner he comes to grips with the fact that he, along … [Read more...]

POLL: Are Tee-Time Sites Killing Golf Courses?

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I have one golf buddy who won't play unless he gets a deal on his greens fees via a service like GolfNow. According to him, you're crazy to pay full price when there are third-party websites out there virtually giving away open tee-time slots. And he's not alone. Many golfers these days are drawn to services like GolfNow in an effort to save money. In fact, GolfNow has gotten so big (it's now … [Read more...]

4 Things Golf Hacks Take For Granted

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A new year brings new beginnings, fresh starts, gym memberships and resolutions we make a half-ass attempt at. Don't get me wrong, there are those green smoothie drinking, 10 mile running, MMA, Crossfit, already completed an extreme warrior tough-guy gladiator mud dash race before I hit my snooze button overachievers that accomplish what they set out to do. And then there's the other 99.9% of the … [Read more...]

Golfing With A Liar

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So I was playing 18-holes a couple of months ago - what would end up being my last round of 2014 - and I was paired up with an older gent who was, along with me, hacking his way through the round. On one par 3, we both plunked our tee-shots into the pond in front of the green and on several other holes, we shared similar lies from the rough. I finished my round with a score in the high 90's and … [Read more...]

Bonding With And Without Golf

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Some of the most common days for men to get together for some "bonding" are no doubt football Sundays.  This is especially true here in the northeast during this particular time of year when it's NFL playoff time, there's snow on the ground and the temps are hovering around the low 20's.  Needless to say, it's not golfing weather. As I sit watching the playoffs with my boys, I consider the … [Read more...]

Don’t You Wish All Your Golf Tournaments Could Be At Augusta National Where You Only Play the Par 4’s & Only Pay Like 80 Bucks?

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Every year we here at GolfStinks conduct a series of polls to garner the average golfer's opinion of specific golf-related topics. And, every year around this time, we provide the results of those polls from the previous year. In 2014, we conducted seven polls throughout the year and will highlight five of them below... Let's begin in September, when we asked when your golf season ends. Our … [Read more...]

That Ever Elusive Ace

Gus Andreone

There are a few things on every golfers list that they would like to achieve - some of it based on skill level.  Newbies and stinky golfers, for instance, may want to break 100.  Still stinky, but maybe a little more skilled golfers, may look to break 90.  The better at this game we get, breaking 80 may become a goal.  And then the best of us amateurs eventually may push to shoot, or even break … [Read more...]

2014 Top 10 Golf Stinks Posts

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It seems 2014 was a rather negative year for golf - at least by judging the titles of our most popular posts over the past 12 months. The list below includes annoying things golfers do; general things wrong with the game; mass layoffs; and the notion that golf has seen its better days. But fret not fellow golf enthusiasts, the game isn't going anywhere. All that's needed are a few tweaks to … [Read more...]

Last Minute Golf Gift Ideas

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The holidays are always a wonderful time of year.  Family and friends gathering for holiday parties.  Giving and receiving gifts.  Spending time with loved ones.  The food.  It's all great...except for one thing - the shopping.  There is nothing worse than holiday shopping.  Granted, it doesn't help that I always wait until the last minute.  But seems no matter what time of day, or what … [Read more...]

Golf: A Life Long Journey

The dads of Stinky Golfer's Tom (left) and Greg (right).

Many of us have participated in different types sports on every level. Most of us in a recreational manner but some have been blessed with the opportunity to showcase their skills in "the show". For those not familiar, "the show" refers to the big leagues - NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL…you get the picture. Personally, I've played on competitive levels. Granted, not in "the show" but had the chance to … [Read more...]

How to Quit Golf; A 12-Step Program

How to Quit Golf

"How to Quit Golf; A 12-Step Program" is a book written by Craig Brass - a self-described problem golfer who is trying to rationalize why anyone in their right mind would ever want to play this game. His most logical conclusion? No one who plays golf is in their right mind. In fact, he likens golf to an addictive drug that is impossible to quit and will ultimately consume your entire life! As … [Read more...]