Golf’s Birthplace Making History

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It's good to see some positive news being made amongst the crap that has been in the headlines lately. In particular, some attention has been brought to golf's hometown in regards to their recent vote to remain in the United Kingdom. Scotland has been part of Britain for the past 307  years.And now this vote has caused some serious arguing between fellow Scots all the way down to the friend and … [Read more...]

It’ll Take Balls To Save Golf

Can these balls save golf?

There's been much ado via the media about the demise of the golf industry - this golf blog included. And while everyone has their opinion on how to fix it (this golf blog once again included), few solutions may be as practical as changing the ball you play. Following up on Chris' post from Monday, I'd like to offer my review and brief two cents about the Polara golf ball. Just to be completely … [Read more...]

My First Experience With The So-Called “Cheater Ball”


Well, we've all read about, heard about and maybe even tried out the so-called "cheater ball," the Polara golf ball.  Though we here at Golfstinks have already given both the positive as well as the negative effects the use of the ball could possibly have on the sport, we haven't actually offered up our own experiences with the ball.  Well, this past weekend, I gave the Polara ball a real try for … [Read more...]

Sign Of The Times?

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Labor Day weekend has come and gone and with that we prepare for fall and winter. For most of us hacks in the Northeast that also means our golf season is winding down. Now is the time to enjoy the perfect golfing weather and get in a few last rounds before tucking away the ol' sticks. There are many courses offering up some fall ball specials and we should take advantage of them. We all … [Read more...]

Inn of the Mountain Gods Confirms New Mexico as a Top Spot for Golf

Stinky Golfer Greg at Inn of the Mountain Gods in September 2014.

The state of New Mexico continues to wow me when it comes to its golf courses. One of my all time favorites is Paa-Ko Ridge between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. And now I've just discovered another gem in the southeastern part of the state. Just outside the mountain town of Ruidoso on the Mescalero Apache reservation sits Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort & Casino. The resort features a … [Read more...]

How Do You Bet On Golf?

Well, we're headed into my favorite time of year.  It's early September and right around the corner will be cooler temperatures, the changing of the leaves and of will be in full swing.  Now I have said before that when football season starts, my golf season comes to an end.  But that's not exactly true.  Fall is also my favorite time of year for golf, mainly for the first two … [Read more...]

Is Being On The Tour Worth It?


At some point in our career as a hack the thought of being a tour pro has presented itself. Let's face it, we all dreamt about making our way down Augusta National, conquering Amen Corner and donning the green jacket. It's only natural to dream but is a life on the tour all it's cracked up to be? Thanks to the media, we primarily only see the good s***. Who topped the money list or how much … [Read more...]

POLL: When Does Your Golf Season End?


Labor Day - the most dreaded of holidays for those who make their living in the outdoor recreational industry, has just passed. It seems the holiday we set-aside to break from work ironically signals the end of play for many activities - golf notwithstanding. Now, it's my own personal opinion that Labor Day isn't the catalyst (at least for golf anyway). No sir - the true culprit is American … [Read more...]

Golf: Art Vs. Science

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In the culinary world, it is said that cooking is an art and baking is a science. In the past decade or so some chefs have achieved levels of rock star status by letting their creative side run wild whereas any chance for a baker to be successful they primarily have to rely on precise measurements and formula-like recipes. Shifting this notion over to the golf world, would we consider golfers more … [Read more...]

Walking the Golf Course Just Got A Whole Lot Easier


In 2000, Nissan was holding a promotion: Test drive a new Xterra and get a free hydration backpack. Back then I was a bit of a wannabe hiker (though never as much as I was a wannabe golfer) and hydration packs were new and popular. Anyway, I took the test drive (could care less about the SUV - no offense Xterra owners), received my pack a few weeks later...and I loved it. I loved the way the … [Read more...]

The Push For 9 Hole Rounds


Many golf purists see 9 holes as an incomplete round. I kind of get their point. After all, does playing 2 quarters constitute as a basketball or football game? If we played 4.5 innings, is that a baseball game? No, but there are factors involved. If we break it down and look at this from a participatory view, we must include the elements that are important to us; the participants. When we … [Read more...]

Golf Needs A Human Touch

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Over the last 20 years or so I've noticed technology has developed at exponential rates. Yes, that is an obvious statement but often overlooked. For example, I graduated from high school 20 years ago and I can recall only one person in my graduating class that had a cell phone. Things are pretty different these days, no? And that's only 20 years ago. Interaction between people is declining and … [Read more...]