The Contradictions of Golf


Next to a chess match, golf just might be the slowest moving sport going.  Or maybe it just feels that way when you’re watching or playing it.  But the funny thing about that is, every golfer is in such a hurry to get their round finished!  I hate playing with people who are in a rush.  [...]

Golf Pros Dicked Over By Dick’s


It’s no secret our country and perhaps 85% or better of the rest of the world is suffering from a down economy. Considering the situation, most turn to basic financial survival instincts and resort to cutting back spending by starting with the luxuries. Unfortunately golf tends to fall into this category. As a matter of [...]

Most Golfers are Consistently Inconsistent


Statistically, my average score has stayed pretty much the same over the past 20 years. Why? Because I’m consistently inconsistent. The problem of inconsistency afflicts nearly every golf hack out there and as a result, we don’t really improve our games much – at least not without a good amount of practice and/or lessons. My [...]

We Need Our Golf Trips


Here at Golfstinks, it’s generally assumed that any special occasion is to be celebrated, at least partially, with a round of golf.  And this past weekend, the crew did it again.  This occasion was a milestone birthday…my 40th.  So some of the other stinky golfers pitched in and made a weekend out of it – golf [...]

Speed Up Your Round With Drag-Cart Golf


There has been a couple of times now when we’ve shown you some pimped out golf carts.  Be it Mustangs and Hummers or rim sportin’ and system bumpin’ rides.  Most recently it was a few golf cart replicas of famous rides from TV.  But remember back when we were kids riding in golf carts?  What were we [...]

So Much For Growing Golf in China


You may have read about this a few weeks ago but if not, here’s a quick recap: Basically, the Chinese government has begun destroying new golf courses (some so new they haven’t even opened yet) to enforce a ban put in place to preserve water, land and curb pollution in the country. You can read [...]

Are You Missing Out By Playing Bargain Golf?


One of my favorite things about playing golf is the variety of the courses.  It’s not like other sports in that sense.  A football field is always 100 yards long, a baseball field (though the outfield dimensions can vary somewhat) is basically the same no matter where you play and a basketball court is like football [...]

POLL: Does Anyone Care About the FedEx Cup?


So The Barclays kicks off the PGA Tour “playoffs” next month. You know, the PGA Tour playoffs? Those four tournaments to decide the Tour Champion? The golf playoffs? No? Well, what if I said the FedEx Cup is next month? Oh! Now you’ve at least heard of that…Good, we’re making progress. Of course it really [...]

Book Review: Psych-Out Golf


Being that we’re not your average golf blog, we typically don’t review your average golf book. And nothing fits the atypical golf book mold better than Psych-Out Golf. They say golf is half mental. If that’s true, this book can help you in ways you could have never imagined! Written by a father/son team (Todd [...]

When A Golf Course Isn’t Used For Golf


Growing up, my hometown had three golf courses.  One was a pretty, but tough, eighteen hole course.  Another was an easier and inexpensive, but always well manicured, nine-hole course.  And last but not least, was a horribly maintained, bombed-out, mortar range of a nine-hole course which, I’m sure due to the low cost of greens [...]

GolfStinks is Celebrating Our Independence

golfcart july 4

The 4th of July is upon us and with that we must celebrate! Some of us will go to the beach, some will have cook-outs and some of us will really celebrate Independence Day by getting married (yes, as many of you are reading this, I will be bidding adieu to my own independence – [...]

POLL: Thoughts on Executive & Par 3 Courses


I don’t really play executive (or par 3) courses. In fact, the last time I played one, it was 2007. I’ve been pretty forthcoming in the past about these length-challenged courses (see HERE), but perhaps I’ve sold them a little short (pardon the pun). In these tough economic times and (perhaps more importantly) with slow [...]