POLL: Are Golfers Unfriendly?

If you think about it, golfer interaction on the course can be a bit curt...and it all starts pretty much as soon as you take your clubs out of the trunk. It might not always be exactly like this, but... The first whiff of unfriendliness is usually in the parking lot as you're walking to the pro-shop. You'll see a fellow golfer walking back to his car … [Read more...]

Take Your Golf Life Back

Let me start by saying, I love playing golf.  We all do.  If not, we wouldn't be here, reading this right now.  But year in and year out, my golf experience seems to get worse and worse.  Now, that doesn't mean for a second that I enjoy golf any less.  It's just the experience surrounding it that gets worse.  What do I mean?  Well, let me give you a few … [Read more...]

Golf Rules for the Rest of Us

Last month, I wrote about the 3 Reasons Recreational Golfers Need Their Own Rulebook. In summary of that post, a rulebook specifically geared towards the average golfer would help attract new players to the game; alleviate slow play; and wouldn't be focused on ranking the best golfers in the world (which is one of the USGA's primary missions). Since the … [Read more...]

Should A Caddie Get A Jacket Too?

With golf participation being roughly between 25 - 30 million players in the U.S., it's probably pretty fair to state that a very low percentage of this number have or use a caddy. Pretty much pros on tour. We can argue private clubs too but they are technically considered "independent contractors" (not to get overly p.c.). Moving forward with the tour … [Read more...]

Want To Make Golf More Enjoyable? Rival And Revel Sure Does!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am somewhat of a creature of convenience.  I'm the type who will gladly pay a little bit extra for something if it saves me the time and effort of driving farther or going into a crowded store.  I don't like making more than one trip to accomplish a task. And I hate having to carry anything I don't really need.  This all … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Recreational Golfers Need Their Own Rulebook

Believe it or not, the USGA doesn't govern all of golf. And it certainly doesn't preside over recreational golfers like you and I. The USGA, along with its rulebook, does have a place in golf. But the idea it's the supreme ruler of all things golf is a rather widespread misconception (this goes for the R&A as well). That being said, I outline below why … [Read more...]

Bringing The Rukket Back To The Hood.

A couple months back we took a look at Rukket Sports' Chipping Net & Range Marker Target. This time around I got to break out the big dog and smash it into their Rukket Haack Golf Net. We can thank Rukket Sports and college golf coach Chris Haack for spawning this wonderful creation. A portable, lightweight, very well made (wouldn't expect anything … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Have More Fun On The Golf Course

As a golfer, I know how the game can look to a non-golfer: Boring.  I've heard it time and again from my non-golfing friends.  They wonder how I can chase a little ball around the course all day.  Of course, they're just watching the game on TV.  Hey, I'm bored by that also.  I don't watch golf on TV either.  I'd rather just go out and play myself.  But what … [Read more...]

Would you Play a 12-Hole Golf Course?

A 12-hole golf course? Yep, they do indeed exist. And more might be on the way. Jack Nicklaus originally proposed 12-hole courses back in 2007, but he was largely ignored. He brought it up again in 2011 as a way to save golf, which he pointed-out was struggling to engage the younger generation. This time, he wasn't ignored, but rather criticized. You … [Read more...]

A Belt Brings It All Together

From fashion to athletics something as simple as a belt can spark the competitive spirit. In the eyes of a boxer, a belt defines their career and potentially seats them in the annals of sports history. In the fashion sense, a belt can make or break your ensemble. With that in mind, the reality is that you just have to go for it. That's the key. Going for … [Read more...]

Help The Game Of Golf; Spend Your Birthday On The Course

Many times we've talked about some gift ideas for golfers, but we usually reserve that for around the holidays.  Every once in a while though, we'll throw in a mention of golf birthday gifts or courses that have used a free round of golf on your birthday as a promotion.  We've recommended clubs, balls, equipment and clothing.  But it's funny...we very rarely … [Read more...]

To Hell with the Rulebook: We Test Polara Golf Equipment

You're a weekend golfer. Of course you want to play better, but you don't have the time or money to invest in all the lessons and practice necessary. After all, you have a life; commitments; and family that take precedence over your "hobby." You're not looking to be a pro, but wouldn't hitting a few more fairways and greens in regulation boost your … [Read more...]