How to Quit Golf; A 12-Step Program

How to Quit Golf

"How to Quit Golf; A 12-Step Program" is a book written by Craig Brass - a self-described problem golfer who is trying to rationalize why anyone in their right mind would ever want to play this game. His most logical conclusion? No one who plays golf is in their right mind. In fact, he likens golf to an addictive drug that is impossible to quit and will ultimately consume your entire life! As … [Read more...]

Do All Of Your Golf Clubs Have To Match?

Golf Bag Mismatch

So last season, I was playing nine holes after work one evening with a co-worker.  Last hole of the round and I'm taking my approach shot with the old pitching wedge.  I swing, then watch in horror as the head of my club sails down the fairway.  Are you kidding?  These clubs are only three years old and one of them snapped already?  They cost four times as much as my original set that lasted me … [Read more...]

Hung Up On Teeter Hang Ups


As the quest for improving our golf game continues, it has led many of us down some strange paths. Almost as if we are forgetting to take the blinders off and look at the big picture. Many hacks have become obsessed with what I refer to as micro segments of the golf game. It's like we focus on such minute things we think are a problem with our game that we end up getting something like that … [Read more...]

3 Reasons You Should Use Recycled Golf Balls

Recycled golf balls

I just picked up a refurbished iPad - I saved a good amount of money and can't tell the difference between it and its brand new sibling. Yet many consumers avoid refurbished or recycled products because they fear a loss in balls included. Recycled golf balls have basically been reclaimed after being lost on a golf course, cleaned and repackaged for resale. The balls are … [Read more...]

Has Tiger Fallen To “What Could’ve Been” Status?


How many great sports careers have been cut short by injuries?  How many players can you look at and say "If only he could stay healthy?"  Some players may have already established a hall of fame career when the injuries began to pile up - players such as Ken Griffey Jr., Sandy Koufax or Gale Sayers.  Others land on the list of "What could've been."  That list includes players such as Ralph … [Read more...]

Golf Has The Best Sayings


If we take a look back into the history of sports,  we will undoubtedly find quite the collection of memorable quotes, phrases and sayings. Whether motivational, inspirational, funny whatever, these groups of words have withstood the test of time and are often repeated to this day. I'm willing to bet that 95% of all bosses, managers, team leaders or coaches have used at least one at some … [Read more...]

POLL: Should We Pay by the Hour to Golf?

clock on the golf course

Recently, long-time golf blogger and all-around good guy Ryan Ballengee made an intriguing statement on his site Golf News Net: "Want to improve golf’s pace of play problem? Charge by the hour." Pointing to the game's slow play problem and the ever-increasing time it takes to finish a round of golf, Mr. Ballengee stated: "You know what will speed up play? Attaching a dollar value to time spent … [Read more...]

Swing Like A Boss


It's no secret that golf training aids are not really our thing here at GolfStinks.  Most of the products we see are more or less laughed off.  Let's be honest, there are some absolutely ridiculous things out there that are passed off as "training aids."  Things that attach to your body to make you look like some type of a cyborg.  Products that are so big that they are almost impossible to use … [Read more...]

5 Indicators That You May Be A Golf Addict

golf brain

We all know of a golf fanatic or two. In fact, we might even be one. It's perfectly normal to be passionate about golf. It's a great game and for many becomes a life long hobby. As with everything, we know moderation is the key to a healthy balanced life…that includes golf. Unfortunately, there are always those that take it too far. You know who I'm talking about. If you don't know who I'm … [Read more...]

The GolfStinks Holiday Gift Guide!


Throughout the year, GolfStinks reviews various golf-related products that we feel you ought to own (either to make your time on the course more efficient or help your game in some way, shape or form or to just make you chuckle). Well, being that Black Friday is just two days away, we felt this would be a perfect opportunity to create a list of gifts for that golfer in the family! Let's get … [Read more...]

Do We Need The Winter As A Break From Golf?


Too much of a good thing.  We've all heard that expression.  But can golf be too much of a good thing?  Do we need that break from golf that the winter brings to us northern golfers?  I'm sure most of us would say no.  Most of us golfers would probably argue that they would prefer to golf year round with no break.  But for those of us who live up north, we are probably used to the time off and may … [Read more...]

Golf, Stress & A Navy Seal

navy golf

There are countless people in this country that deal with stressful situations on a daily basis. Whether it's work related (which probably makes up the majority), your significant other, family issues, your favorite team sucks whatever the case may be. It seems the more we try to avoid bringing stress into our lives the more it rears it's ugly head. As a defense mechanism, we naturally react to … [Read more...]