5 Reasons They Quit Golf

Golf Hole From Hell

Sometimes they all feel this way… (photo by Greg D’Andrea)

As much as I love this game, there was a time when I thought about giving it up.

Even though I snapped-out-of-it and rediscovered my passion for golf, others don’t. Why?

Golf is too Hard
Perhaps the most common reason is that golf is simply too hard. But is it too hard or are they just too lazy? Last year, I penned a guest post for a popular golf blog in which I asked if we’re too lazy to get better at golf. Here’s an excerpt:

Practice makes perfect…Or so the saying goes. What that little phrase fails to articulate is how much practice it actually takes to make things perfect. Throw in an impossibly difficult sport like golf and attaining perfection becomes perfectly ridiculous. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a select few who not only have the raw talent to be great at golf, but also have the drive to spend countless hours on the range or putting green practicing…But I’m not one of them. And I surmise not many of you are either. As far as I’m concerned: I’m just too lazy to work that hard at something I’m never going to make a living at in the first place.

Yeah, golf is hard. And some people have the guts to deal with that reality and enjoy golf anyway, while others don’t.

They Hate Golf
So they tried it and hated it – meh, it happens. But how could you possibly hate a game as great as this? Well, I wrote about that also – in fact, I provided 5 reasons why people hate golf. Enjoy.

A Serious Injury
Let’s face it, you would have to be in a good amount of pain to give up on a sport like golf, but it happens. Be it your back, or knees, or in my case, my foot knocked me out for a couple months – there are reasons people are forced to give up this game. Sometimes the pain makes quitting unavoidable, but other times, it can be downright inspirational. And how a returning Vet who lost a leg can take up golf is both inspirational and remarkable. Makes my foot pain look rather pathetic, actually.

They Stink
This is different than golf being too hard. When people quit because the game is too hard, it’s typically because they’ve recently started playing and realize they don’t have the time or patience to get better. But when people quit because they stink, it’s typically because they are pompous asses.

For example, do you know a golf buddy who can’t stand it that you win all the time? You know – they guy who makes everything a competition, but get him out on the golf course and he’s less than stellar? Not being able to live with the fact that he’s not as good as you at something, he quits golf never to return. Now there’s a guy that takes himself way too seriously – and believe me, those people are out there!

They Lose the Will to Golf
What? Well, if you were reading this blog a couple months ago, you would know all about losing the will to golf. When we dig way down into our psyche, we realize that passions can, for one reason or another, simply burn out. There can be several causes for this. In my case, an extended lack in playing time, coupled with a shift in priorities, triggered the feeling that golf was no longer an important part of my life. While I have since come to my senses, I’m sure there are others (perhaps those who were never really passionate about the game in the first place) who will simply walk away from the sport because golf just doesn’t matter all that much.

I certainly hope you never quit golf – especially because you stink, or because it’s too hard. If we writers of the Golf Stinks Blog accomplish anything, it’s to convey you don’t have to be good at something to love it. And I certainly hope you aren’t forced to give it up due to an injury or perhaps worse, lose the will to play altogether. It’s true that golf is not for everyone…but if you love it, you know what keeps you coming back.

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  1. At first I find golf as the hardest sport that I want to play but as days passes by everything is just easy. In every part of our life we tend to have difficult parts of it but still we did not lose hope, we strive to make it a successful one. Therefore, we should not put in mind that things are hard or difficult to do not unless we tried doing it.

  2. A couple years back Golf Digest writer Jaime Diaz did a survey where most golfers said the game was too hard, too expensive and too long (time wise). What’s disturbing is many golf courses are doing nothing to combat this. Apparently it seems to be ok to lose customers and bank on senior citizens to keep your business afloat. Question is what do you do when they are all gone?

  3. dumbocrat says:

    i just dont have time to learn it. i can get to the range to practice once a week, and play once a week, usually the day after i getto the range. it’s just not enough, i quit today because after months of effort i’ve gotten nowhere. i feel bad abandoning my dad, because i was golfing with him, but i refuse to embaress myself anymore out there and he has friends he golfs with as well.

    • dumbocrat says:

      i should add that i’m 25, and i don’t see many young people on the course, mostly grey haired guys 50+. this sport is dying anyway, i don’t see the point in putting a ton of effort into learning a dead game walking, it won’t exist by 2040.

  4. paulie777 says:

    I love golf, but I simply can’t afford it. While its fun, the expense is now prohibiting me from playing. The balls, equipment, member and tournament fees, trips with the other members, the expense list goes on. Range balls are 5.00 dollars for a small bucket . Its an exclusive game, you need the extra money to play which I simply don’t have. I’ve worked a lifetime to get better and improve and enjoyed every minute of it. However, I’m out. The most interesting thing about it is I will be the topic of conversation at the club the morning I quit and pretty much forgotten after that, life and golf moves on.

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