The Most Important Thing on your Golf Bag

goose golf towel

Goose Golf Towel

Last year about this time, myself and my buddy Tom (who also happens to be a co-founder of GolfStinks) were playing the first round of the new season. We were walking up the second fairway after hitting our approach shots when Tom stopped, bent over and held his hand to his nose.

I’m not sure if it was the cold spring air, or the jolt from the swing of his 7-iron, but he had a nose bleed. As I came over to help by asking for his golf towel, his reply was more shocking to me than his face (which looked like we were playing hockey instead of golf): “I don’t have a golf towel.”


Who doesn’t carry a golf towel? I mean seriously, it’s the most important accessory on your golf bag. I’ve taken my golf towel off to wash it and then forgot to put it back on before my next round and I felt naked out there – as if I forgot to wear my wedding band.

Not only does your golf towel clean off your clubs, but it also dries your hands; washes your ball; shields your neck from the sun; acts as a rain cover; and on some occasions, can be used to wipe a bloody nose. But with no towel of his own, I was forced to sacrifice my towel.

Although I replaced it the next round with another one I found (typical white cotton towel with the logo of some golf tourney I had played in years ago), I felt it was time to get a real golf towel. You know, one that does more than act like a rag – something specifically designed for a golfer.

One such towel is produced by Goose Golf. This isn’t just an ordinary towel – this Canadian company has created the perfect towel for out on the links. The three-layer cloth has anti-microbial cotton on the outside for great drying results. But on the inside, they’ve put a microfiber that can be moistened before your round to help clean off dirt and grit after a sand shot or taking a beaver pelt. Meanwhile, sewn between the anti-microbial cotton and microfiber is a water repellant mid-layer to help keep the wet inner layer from getting the dry outer layer damp.

So far I’m really digging this idea – you can clean your clubs really well inside the towel and dry them really well on the outside – plus if it’s raining, you can use the whole thing as a water-repellant rain hood!

But the folks over at Goose Golf didn’t stop there – they added a pouch (which is detachable) of the same materials specifically for cleaning your ball. And on that pouch is a magnetic ball marker to boot! But there’s one more feature – their unobtrusive logo, which is embroidered at the top/center of the towel, is made of velcro – so you can hang your golf glove when you head over to the putting green!

At only $20, I’m sold. But why should I be the only one with a new golf towel? And on that note, the good peeps at Goose Golf have sent me a few “extra” towels for y’all to enjoy too! Just head on over to our Facebook page and comment (not just “like”) the post on our wall entitled “The Most Important Thing on your Golf Bag.” That’s it – we’ll choose 4 random winners next week!

Now, I really hope Tom doesn’t get a bloody nose again this year…


  1. That towel looks amazing!
    You made me want one!

  2. Greg

    Great idea for a give away! I tried liking on facebook, but I am still challenged…haha. I create a page (The Grateful Golfer), but it is not as robust as yours. I will get there eventually. I agree with your statement about not carrying a golf towel! I actually carry two – one for my hands and the over for my clubs.


  3. @Jim – Oh man! OK, well we took the liberty of adding your Facebook page to our Facebook favorites section! If you want to try again, just go to and click “like” and comment on the post with the same name as the one on this blog – good luck!

  4. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:

    I carry a golf-towel clipped to the bag that I for cleaning clubs that I bought years ago. It’s terry-cloth pile with a poly-mesh piece attached for scraping dirt and sand loose. Plus I have a nice, soft terry-towel that I clip to the windscreen of the cart for face-moping and wiping my sunglasses. The windscreen-clip keeps it handy and elevated from getting dirty…and the wind helps get it dry.

    Also several regular cotton towels in the bag-pocket for drying the grips, the wet seat of the cart, or other needs. There are also wet-wipes and alcohol-packets, suntan-lotion and bug-spray in the well-equipped First-Aid kit. (Yes it’s heavy, but it’s a dedicated cart bag and I play with older golfers who might have an emergency.)

    I also keep a few supermarket plastic handle-bags wadded-up in the pocket bottom for trash bags if-needed. They also make handy but really silly-looking rain-protectors for my straw golf-hat if I foolishly wear it on a day when there’s an unexpected shower. (Noisy, but it works.)

  5. @Ted – thanks for the comment! With Goose Golf, you might only need one towel! We actually posted about what people carry in their golf bags here: – check it out!

  6. I’ve always got a golf towel attached to my bag, it’s a must. I use it mainly for cleaning my clubs and golf balls during a round. I also keep a spare one inside the bag just in case … too important to play a round without!

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