New ‘Vision’ Golf Ball A Bright Idea

visiongolfballsRemember back in the late 1980’s and early 90’s when neon yellow golf balls were “kinda” popular? That fad died-out for a while but recently, brightly colored balls are making a comeback. Today, one of the newest additions to this trend are the UV:X3 balls from Australian manufacturer, Vision.

This family-owned company is making its debut in the American market with these new golf balls. And let me tell you, after getting my hands on a sleeve of these, they aren’t the neon balls of 25 years ago. Touted as not only brightly colored, these babies absorb UV light from the sun to provide maximum visibility – in fact, they absorb so much light, they actually glow!

Obviously for the average golfer, the more visible a ball is, the less chance you have of losing it. But beyond this advantage, the UV:X3 also touts an extremely “durable and slick” cover that creates “less drag in flight and greater overall distance.”

vision golf ballsIn addition, Vision collected information from many golfers who complained other golf balls were hard to identify during play. To this end, the company decided to imprint large, highly visible numbers in two locations on the UV:X3 (the numbers are large, but not an eyesore – making this slight improvement not only practical, but also design-friendly). And of course, the ball completely conforms to the USGA and R&A rules.

This is perhaps the most stinky golfer-friendly ball I have seen to date and it’s completely legal (unlike some other balls out there). To help launch this cool new golf ball in North America, there’s a crowd funding campaign setup here: There’s no word on what these balls will retail for in the U.S. yet, but a donation of $38USD via the aforementioned link will get you a dozen of these sweet little yellow orbs.


  1. Hi Greg, thanks for the write up, most appreciated. I am currently working on a
    brighter glowing material in combination with a softer GelSkin(tm) cover material
    to help improve the take up rate of the balls around the world,,,,,,,

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