The Worst Part Of My Golf Game

Stinky Golfer Chris in the trap...yes that's the ball still in there... (photo by Greg D'Andrea)

Stinky Golfer Chris in the trap…yes that’s the ball still in there… (photo by Greg D’Andrea)

I’m not a beach person.  Not in my golf life or in my actual everyday life.  In actual life, I have two colors to my skin…red and white.  I just can’t get a good tan.  I guess it’s the bit of Irish in me.  Somehow it overpowers the Italian when it comes to skin tone.  So going to the beach is normally not a great experience for me.  And, it’s pretty much the same in my golf game.

I am not a beach person out on the course either.  My all-around golf game is not very good.  But the trap?  Brutal.  By far the worst part of my game.  If you can suffer through this painful two minutes, here’s a bit of proof.

I used to look at being in the trap as improvement in my game.  My rationale was the placement of the traps.  They are there to protect the green.  So if I’m landing in them on approaches, then I’m getting closer to landing on the dance floor.  But those days are gone.  Now, they are the enemy of all that means anything to me.

Now we here at GolfStinks are not ones for golf training aids reviews.  As a matter of fact, this is what we normally do with them.  But could one of these things actually help me?  What about something like the Up & Down Golfer?  It seems simple and logical enough.  There is, of course, practice…but who has the time?

So just because we don’t take our games all that serious, and we don’t give much merit to most training aids, that doesn’t mean that others don’t.  So what’s the worst part of everyone else’s game?  And do you use, or have you used, any training aids?  Did they help?  Let us know, because if one of these things actually works like it promises, then maybe we’ll even do something serious…, or…maybe not.

Swing ’til you’re happy!


  1. In all fairness, you had a terrible lie for your first shot in the video. Didn’t exactly help to set the tone.

    I also struggle out of the sand. The reason is I never practice out of the sand. I’m not alone. How many amateurs do you see practicing out of the sand? I will be correcting this in the spring.

    Practice your sand recovery using proper technique and you will surely improve.

  2. Chris

    Great question. I use one training aid only – two sticks. I use them to align my body position to the ball on address. I found that I was playing the ball too far forward and these two sticks (I make a + sign with them) helped me hit straighter and longer shots because the ball was in the proper position on impact. See you on the links!

    The Grateful Golfer

  3. Hey Grateful, funny you should say that. I went to the range this past weekend and the guy next to me was doing exactly that. He was hitting a pretty good ball, so it seemed to be working for him…

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  6. Thanks Scott. You’re right, that first lie was freakin’ terrible. And stinky golfer Greg breaking wind on my second shot was no help either!

    Those two strokes are the
    difference between a 100 and a 98!

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