Best Of Golf Gadgets; WTF!

For the fifth installment of GG; WTF, I’ve decided to take a look back and showcase some of the rather unique gadgets that have graced our posts plus, as an added bonus, a new golf aid is featured! Without further delay, here we go…Golfstink’s Top Five Golf Gadgets…WTF!



What they say: Swingyde will provide you with the feedback necessary to hinge the wrists correctly and assure that the face is perfectly square throughout the swing.

What I say: Holy $%#@!!! Vishnu has reincarnated to an amateur golfer people, amazing!



What they say: With the Whippy TempoMaster® you will learn to:

  • Relax your hands and arms and swing the club head with incredible speed and control
  • Strike the ball using the large muscle that runs along the left side of your back (the lattismus dorsi muscle)
  • Swing hard without using your arms or hands to initiate the force of the swing
  • Keep your left arm connected to your rib cage
  • Transfer your weight from one side to the other correctly and smoothly with rhythm
  • Drive the ball really far, time and time again

What I say: HAAAAAAAAA! Whippy Master?!?!?!

  • Da da da da da…Crack that whip!
  • When a problem comes along…you must whip it!
  • Now whip it!
  • Whip it good



What They Say: Using a proven and unique frame and brace design, several new features have been incorporated into the new CentreCup Pro so it promotes both the ‘straight-back and straight-through’ PILS putting stroke and the ‘inside-square-inside’ stroke. CentreCup Pro is the upgraded version of the best-selling CentreCup® putting aid and delivers a pure putting stroke every time – whichever method a teaching professional recommends.

What I Say: I got a better method for you. Get drunk, I’ll slump you over a lowered pull up bar and you can putt til you puke. Hey, at least you’ll get your money’s worth.

What they say: Get the Right Angle with Right Link! The Right Link teaches you the proper role of the right arm throughout the golf swing. It develops the width and full extension you need for a more powerful, on-plane swing.

What I say: Steve Austin, golfer, a man barely alive…Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic golfer. Steve Austin will be that golfer, better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster…


What they say: I couldn’t imagine what they could say.

What I say: How the F$%# do you golf with this contraption? Looks like someone is a closet S&M fan…kinky.

As promised, please welcome the newest gadget to our collection…The Robo Swing Machine!
robo swing
What they say: The Robo Swing Machine Series enables golfers to experience what a professional golf swing feels like.

    • Encourages a well coordinated swing from start to finish
    • Build muscle memory for a correct swing through repetition
    • Players adjust and correct their swing by conforming to the machine’s swing
    • Focuses on the components of the swing – the shoulder turn, the swing plane, individual muscle strength, club face at impact, the finish, and so on

 What I say: There are no immediate words that come to mind…I am in awe. Oh wait, so that’s where the stick goes…

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!

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  1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:

    Gary Player commented during the Nedbank coverage from Sun City today that you need three hours min. of practice a week…and that two hours should be short game, and one-hour of long game on the range….then you practice your putting.

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