Golf Spam

Is it just me, or do all of us golfers get all kinds of ridiculous golf spam email?  I’m sure that it can’t be just me.  It’s not constant – I can go a few days without getting a single email at all, spam or otherwise.  However, when I get ’em, I get ’em – to the tune of twelve to fifteen per day!  Now I just scroll through and delete these emails.  But as I’m doing this, I wonder a couple of things.  Firstly, how many of us golfers are clicking on these emails and following through so that these companies continue to think spam emails work.  And secondly, how on earth do they come up with what they think I would be interested in just by knowing I’m into golf?

So let’s start with the first question.  How many of you have received some golf spam, was actually interested in what you saw, and decided to follow through in the email?  I, for one, have never done this.  Am I missing something?  I fear that the moment I do open one of these up and click whatever link is presented to me, one of two things is going to happen.  Either my computer will self-destruct or I will instantly be hit with dozens more spam emails which will continue to fill my inbox everyday for the next several years.  Neither of those is an option I’m prepared to deal with.

As for the second option – how do they come up with what they choose to send me?  See, I understand some of the spam I get.  Betting websites, golf equipment and apparel stores, golf lessons and things like that.  But what about the rest?  Why do I get emails about weight loss programs and supplements?  How do they know I could afford to lose 25-30 pounds?  Are they going under the assumption that most of us golfers are out of shape?

OK, but what about those Rolex emails?  Do they assume that because I’m a golfer, I’m rich and I can afford to wear whatever I want?  Boy, these people have a lot to learn about me personally.  However, it does seem they are trying to help – I have been offered my Ph.D. via email.  So maybe they’re at least trying to help me get a better paying job.

I guess it’s probably the same with anyone’s email.  No matter what you do, some type of spam is going to sneak through.  It’s just funny to see the type of email I get through an email account associated with golf vs. a personal email account I may have.  As I mentioned, some of the spam I get, I understand.  But some of it is completely out of leftfield and useless.  But…it is always nice to be reminded once in a while that “Hot Russian women want you.”  Am I right?

Swing ’til you’re happy!

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