Video: How to Go Like a Golf Pro

Not only do I write for a golf blog in my spare time, but I also have a full-time job that requires a fair amount of traveling. With that in mind, it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about business trips – from how to pack before the trip to efficiently navigating through security. So when National Car Rental asked me to be the golf blogger for their “Go Like A Pro” campaign, I felt I was uniquely qualified.

I’ve posted before about golfing on business trips – especially about golfing with your client! If you’re both a golfer and a business traveler, but haven’t really given much thought to playing while on the go – think again! And to that end, I’ve put together a short video to help you Go Like a Pro when it comes to golfing on a business trip.

Tips on how to Go Like a Golf Pro:

  1. Do your homework! Before you pack, use an online course database (like this) to research golf courses near your destination (either close to the airport or close to your client’s office). Once you find a course, always call to make a tee-time and confirm the price of the greens fees.
  2. Accessorize like a Golf Pro: To properly accessorize, first make sure you purchase a quality golf travel case. It should be big enough to handle that huge driver of yours and padded enough to protect it too. Next, keep in mind that playing on an unfamiliar course has its disadvantages. Yardage distances can be deceiving so a rangefinder could be your best friend. You’ll also want to make sure you pack plenty of balls (there’s nothing worse that running out and having to ask your client to borrow some). And bring a brush to clean your clubs and shoes off before repacking them – no one wants to unpack a bunch of dirt and grass! Finally, never underestimate the value of a towel and umbrella – you never want to let them see you sweat and you never want to get caught out in the rain!
  3. Save time by practicing in the hotel! If you fly in the night before, turn the carpet in your hotel room into a practice green! You’ll already have your putter with you, so all you’ll need is one of those hotel room glasses (you know, with the white cardboard cap on top) tipped in its side to putt into.

Bonus tip! If you do end up golfing with your client, remember the best policy is to always let them win!

Items featured in the video:

Disclaimer: received compensation for this post and video.


  1. I think letting your client win over the game is a good idea. It does mean that you are not knowledgeable but giving them a chance to play again with you. This is one way you can built a good relationship and push through your proposals in mind…

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