What Time Do You Play Golf?

Are you up at the crack of dawn to play golf? (photo by Greg D'Andrea)

Are you up at the crack of dawn to play golf? (photo by Greg D’Andrea)

My alarm went off at 5AM on a Friday morning. Now I work from home, so typically I roll out of bed around eight to start work around nine. But on this particular Friday, I was up at the crack of dawn. Why? To play golf, of course.

An old work buddy (from my days in the office) whom I recently rekindled a friendship with was playing 9-holes that day and I was going to join him. His mission: Play golf and still stay out of the doghouse with his wife. So as many golfers do to avoid the scorn of their significant other, my pal decided to play first thing in the morning.

We were on the tee at 6AM and back home before 9AM. It was golf, but not as I knew it. I was tired; chilly; and still had a full day of work ahead of me. But there were no complaints from either of our wives. We played golf under the radar and avoided that “look” – you know, that “look” you get when you remind your non-golfing wife on Saturday morning that you’re playing golf all day.

But was it worth it? Meh, the jury is still out for me. But perhaps it’s because my non-golfing wife is a bit more understanding (I typically get to play in the middle of the day on a weekend – especially if it’s only 9-holes). But if that wasn’t the case, perhaps squeezing in 9 before 9 would work for me.

Anyway, this all got me thinking about when other golfers play. Do you play at the crack of dawn or at a more normal AM hour? Do you play mid-day or save a few bucks with the twilight rate and hope to finish before sunset? Obviously, the POLL is in summer hours (when the day is long); but tell us what you do!

What Time of Day Do You Play Golf?



  1. Good stuff, as an avid senior golfer, golf blogger, buyer of golf equipment and builder of two courses –really just a golf junkie, I am always looking for new golf blogs. I will visit again.

  2. Greg

    I am an early morning fan. I typically tee off at 6 am. I love the silence, the sunrise and pace of play. I have played early for years and as such have been able to play 60+ rounds without grief from my wife. Additionally, it helps that I bring her home a Tim Horton’s coffee at 9 am.

    The Grateful Golfer

  3. @Grateful Golfer – I agree – if I wasn’t so tired and cold, I would have appreciated the silence and sunrise more. In fact, I snapped that picture while walking to the first tee that day!

    • Greg

      Very nice! I am envious that you can play at this time of the year. We have 2 feet of snow on the ground and it was 19 below today….so I would say that you are very lucky. Thanks for sharing.

      The Grateful Golfer

  4. @The Grateful Golfer – LOL this post was about me golfing in early April two seasons ago! I live in Connecticut – it’s freezing out right now (though not 19 below – geesh)!

  5. I play golf at all different times. To be honest, whenever my schedule permits, I am on the course. Although I work in the golfing industry, it is still sometimes a challenge to work a round into my schedule. With that said, where there is a will, there is a way. I make it happen and to my fellow golf lovers, you should do the same.

    It will be interesting to see the results of your poll and if I had to pick what time I favor most, I would say mid-morning. Like most other golfers, this isn’t always an option so I do find myself golfing in the early-morning.

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