Every Golf Tournament Could Be An All-Star Game

So we all know by now that the NFL’s Pro Bowl has become more of a side-show than an actual competitive game.  Defenses haven’t really shown up since 1998.  Star players opt out.  Super Bowl players don’t participate.  The rules are changed to make the game “safer.”  It’s a sham really.  It’s bad football, but it’s still football nonetheless, so I usually watch.

Like any all-star game in any sport, the potential is there.  It has the chance to be such a great game!  How could a game featuring all of the league’s best players at their respective positions not be fantastic if played as hard as the game should be played?  But with the risk of injury, the changes in rules and lazy play, it becomes just the exhibition game that it actually is.  But all of the pieces are there…it’s just missing that meaningful game feel.

But this is an area where the PGA Tour has a leg up on every other major sport.  They have the ability to put together an “all-star” lineup at every tournament if they would simply shake-up their tournament schedule a bit. 

I’ve said it several times before, but the PGA Tour needs a real championship at the end of their season.  Enough of the money leader.  Enough of the ranking system that no one understands.  The players need to battle it out on the course.  And if there was a smaller, more streamlined schedule in which players were required to play in order to qualify for the championship, then every required tour stop would result in a star-studded field.  If this was the case you’d have to imagine the TV ratings would rise, as would the gate.   

But you can’t expect every player to play all of the tournaments, right?  Of course not.  Only a certain amount of the stops would be required – maybe in the 15-20 area.  The rest would be their choice to play either for a shot at the purse, the chance to make some more money or just to keep the competitive juices flowing.  But certain stops would be required to qualify.  Play all of the required stops and you play in the championship.

The point is, the PGA Tour has the ability to field an all-star game every time out.  What if every meaningful tournament featured all of the top players on the tour?  No one skipping out on tournaments because if they did, they wouldn’t qualify for the championship.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t watch golf on TV very much…but an idea like this would certainly get me more interested.

Swing ’til you’re happy!


  1. Anonymous says:

    A player would just claim injury or illness to skip a lower tier event. You are dumb.

  2. Hey anonymous, obviously there are some “details” that I didn’t touch on. Reason being is if I was to discuss every injury scenario (real or fake), every illness scenario (real or fake) and every loophole left open, this would turn into a rule book…not a blog post. There are some points that are simply assumed and need not be mentioned. But since you already seem to know what players would (not could) do, then you must be smart enough to already have those scenarios worked out.

    However, your comment is not only appreciated, but I’m going to flag it as one of our most helpful! “You are dumb.” Seriously, where on earth do you come up with this literary gold?! I mean, I’m quite obviously not a legitimate writer. But you…you, my friend, have Nabokov and Dickens written all over you! Fantastic…exquisite even!

    Thanks again!

  3. Wow, Fantastic Blog,I Feel this is one of the most essential information for everyone. And i am very happy reading your article.

  4. Chris

    I understand your point. I think it would be great for TV, but not the tour. Many players enjoy the second tier tournaments because it helps them prepare the by “big league”. Also, I loved it when John Daly won the 1991 PGA Championship. The best part is the fact that he was the ninth and final alternate for the Championship. Your plan would make it difficult for these memorable events. Again, it would be good for TV. Thanks.


  5. Jim, I agree with you, but my point really is more for TV than the players. After all, that’s where the revenue is going to come from, not to mention the exposure the players on the tour, as well as the tour itself, need.

    But for the players, that’s why I suggested only a limited number of tournaments would be required to qualify for the championship. That way they can still play as many of the lower tier tournaments as they would like. Maybe 15-20 required is too many. Perhaps only 10-15, or even 8-12 or so.

    I don’t know, just another crazy idea I have. I’m always looking for ways to make the game a bit more fan friendly, especially to a younger generation without stooping to the level of “full-contact golf.”

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