Trickery In The Golf World

Let’s face it, this never actually works:

At some point, every golfer has held in their hand one of these trick golf balls.  Whether it was an exploding ball, a weighted ball or whatever.  And a few of us have even made the attempt to use one or sneak one in on a fellow golfer.  But come on, who has that ever really worked for? 

I have a trick ball.  It’s called the Un-putt-a-ball.  It’s weighted.  You putt it and it goes in all different directions.  Does it work?  Sure it does.  But the only reason I know is because I’ve tried it myself. 

See, this ball doesn’t look like a regular ball.  None of them do.  It’s unmarked, has kind of a funny color and even the dimples are all wrong.  They don’t fool anyone.  I tried once and, as expected, the mark was also not fooled. 

So who gets fooled by these?  I mean, I can’t imagine standing over my ball and not realizing it’s not the same ball I placed on the tee earlier.  And honestly, I don’t pay all that much attention.  So how little attention does one have to pay in order to be fooled by these?  Because I’m calling it now.  I will not be fooled.  And if anyone ever gets me…they win my Un-putt-a-ball.

Swing ’til you’re happy! 


  1. I forgot about those trick balls. It’s been a long time since i’ve seen one. But you are right anyone with half a brain in golf knows they don’t look real.

  2. @Steve, I actually forgot about having one of those exploding balls in my bag until I read this post! It’s been in there for years and the only reason it is still in there is because nobody is ever fooled by it! Even if you sneak it on the tee without them seeing, everyone spots foul play just by looking at it!

  3. You’re right, those balls aren’t even white but we did get it to work once. Here’s how:

    We had a slow group in front of us. Our victim, Larry, had his ball teed up waiting to hit. Meanwhile a conversation ensued. While his back was turned to the ball, the balls were switched. How he didn’t notice the new crappy ball on the tee, I don’t know, but when it works, it’s hillarious!

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