No More Fall Golf…Thanks Sandy!

If you live in the Northeast then the names Sandy and Irene will  forever be branded in our heads. Kind of like how Katrina is to those in the New Orleans area. Last year Irene pretty much ended my golfing season early and that pissed me off. Now, Sandy has ruined any chance of hitting my local track for a last round or two.

In the overall scheme of things not being able to golf is petty compared to the real problems the last two hurricanes caused. I guess you really don’t know the destruction these natural disasters can do unless you live it. I was very lucky to only have power knocked out at my house where a couple miles down the road houses were pretty much washed out to sea. Not too mention New Jersey and New York took a much harsher beating.

So, how can I help? Glad you asked! Check out these links below.

Also, check out this list that Forbes has compiled of how we can help. If you have any other links please add it in a comment or let me know and I’ll post it.

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. What a great suggestion to occupy some time in a worthwhile effort such as the storm. If you have some time, volunteering to help is great. If time or ability is lacking, a donation can help a lot, maybe the cost of a round of golf or two that you miss. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for those that have lost large parts of their lives to this storm.

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