No Loitering. No Skateboarding. No Golfing?

So I was at my son’s soccer game this past weekend – a playoff game which they won on their way to a win in the league championship game, thank you.  But upon entry to the field, I walk past the sign to the left.  Take a look at #2 on the list under “Prohibited.”  Yup…golfing.

Where have I been?  When did it become criminal to practice your golf game?  I mean, I can understand that this is school grounds.  But the fact that they have gone out of the way to specify golf seems a little funny to me.  What I’m saying is, according to this sign, I can bring in guns, knives and fireworks…but I can’t practice my short game.

OK, I understand that they don’t want golf balls being left laying around a football or soccer field due to the risk of injury.  And of course they don’t want divots in the field or any windows broken in the building.  Further, I’m sure they obviously don’t want any errant projectiles being rocketed in all directions. But to specify golf in particular still strikes me as a little odd. 

Has anyone else ever seen these signs anywhere?  I don’t mean just at a school.., I mean anywhere.  The bad news here is that this is one fewer place where your golf game can be practiced for free. Everything about this game costs money.  If I can’t practice my game in an open field, then I’m becoming even more limited to going only to driving ranges and indoor facilities which, of course, cost money. 

That’s an advantage to some other sports.  I can go play or practice basketball at any outdoor court.  I can go hit baseballs at just about any field.  But golf?  Unless I pay, then there aren’t alot of places I can just go practice. 

But hey, I guess if it’s a game you enjoy then you do whatever you have to do.  Even if that includes going broke.

Swing ’til you’re happy!                  


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