2011 Top 10 GolfStinks Blog Posts

So it’s the end of December and 2012 is right around the corner. But before we pop the bubbly and don our party hats tomorrow night, we here at the Golf Stinks blog would like to thank our readers for their continued support!

And to do that, we’re going to carry on with the tradition we started two years ago: It’s time to reveal our top ten posts of 2011 (based on page hits)!

Number 10

The Beginning of the End to my Golf Season – In September, Stinky Golfer Chris explains why the start of the NFL season pretty much marks the end of his (as well as many others’) golf season.

Number 9

Golf Course Bankrupt? Blame Tiger Woods – Way back in January, Stinky Golfer Greg pondered why more and more golf courses are going belly-up these days and is led to conclude it’s all Tiger’s fault!

Number 8

Analysis: What Makes a Golf Course Great – In March, we revealed the analysis results of our “What Makes A Golf Course Great” survey. The results may surprise you!

Number 7

Don’t Dress Like a Fool on the Golf Course – In this April guest post from Joe Sponcia over at Pillars of Golf, you will learn how not to dress for a round of golf!

Number 6

Why Golf is Aggravating – In this “reality bites” post, Stinky Golfer Pete comes to the frustrating conclusion that average hacks will always be average hacks.

Number 5

Variations on the Game of Golf – Project Flogton – In his continuing series on alternate versions of golf, Stinky Golfer Chris explores the cheating interesting format of Project Flogton.

Number 4

Does Golf Apparel and Equipment Fuel the “Rich Man’s Sport” Stereotype? – Stinky Golfer Chris tackles one of the biggest stereotypes in the game – that you have to be rich to play golf. He suggests that merchandise retailers (and their marketing efforts) aren’t helping.

Number 3

Why Do Non-Golfers Play in Golf Tournaments? – In this post from August, Stinky Golfer Chris ponders why people who rarely play golf, play in golf tournaments – could it be the food?

Number 2

5 Reasons Why They Hate Golf – In July, Stinky Golfer Greg provides his explanations as to why some people just don’t appreciate this game we know and love.

And receiving the most page views in 2011…

Number 1

10 Golf Etiquette Rules Most Jackasses Ignore – In this April post, Stinky Golfer Greg lists his biggest golfer pet peeves in a no-holds-barred rant about cell-phone use; playing from the wrong tee-box; and giving unwanted swing advice.

So there you have it; our top posts of 2011! Thanks again to all our readers – without average hacks like you, golf just wouldn’t be the same!

Best wishes for 2012!

-The Golfstinks Team


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