2009 Top 10 GolfStinks Posts

It may seem longer, but Golfstinks launched the blog “From the Rough” just 5 short months ago. In that time, we’ve posted content that we hope has made you laugh, think and realize why we love this great game.

We’ve also gathered a decent following – much of which we owe to the other wonderful writers out there in the golf blogosphere who have supported us through our first few months. There are links to all these great bloggers in our “Blogs We Read” section, at the right side of the page – please pay them a visit. We should note that Golfstinks wishes to give special thanks to Jay over at Devil Ball Golf, Mike over at Ruthless Golf and Patricia over at Golf Girl’s Diary – you guys rock!

With all this being said, we’d like to list our top blog posts of 2009 (based on page hits). If you’re new to our blog, this is a great way to acclimate yourself to the world of Golfstinks. For all those familiar with us, enjoy reading them (and laughing your ass off) again! Meanwhile, please visit golfstinks.com to learn about the forthcoming site that has inspired this blog.

So, without further adieu, our top 10 blog posts of 2009:

#10: Pimp my Golf Cart – Stinky Golfer Pete pulls together an awesome collection of tricked-out golf cart photos and tells you where to get one of your own!

#9: A Golfer’s Dream; How a Regular Guy Played Golf Digest’s Top 100 – Stinky Golfer Greg reviews Larry Berle’s fascinating book about his real life adventure gaining access to the best courses in America.

#8: Can you Golf Eco-Friendly? – Stinky Golfer Greg jumps on the eco-bandwagon and gives you easy tips on how to golf greener.

#7: Golf Gadgets; WTF? (Part 2) – Stinky Golfer Pete explores the strange world of golf training aids and suggests some alternative uses for them! Be sure to check out Part 1 too!

#6: Do Golfers Golf on their Off-Days? – Since most amateur golfers golf when they’re not working, Stinky Golfer Chris ponders what pro golfers do when they’re not working (I think we’ve since figured out what Tiger does)!

#5: Golf’s Proper Place – Stinky Golfer Greg highlights the amazing Bobby Jones and his ability to keep the game of golf in perspective.

#4: How Dangerous Can Golf Be? – Stinky Golfer Chris investigates the perils of being a golfer.

#3: Male-Only Golf Clubs; Sexist Bastards or Constitutional Right? – Stinky Golfer Greg opens up a can of worms with this post on the rights of private clubs vs. the sentiments of the 21st-century.

#2: Do you Play Golf by the Rules? – Stinky Golfer Chris unearths the most “interesting” rules in golf!

#1: Hey, Do you Want to Make this Round More Interesting? – Stinky Golfer Chris takes a look at some of the more popular golf betting games.


  1. Congratulations on your success. Wow, just 5 months. From the Rough is exactly what the golf world needs to keep it real for us golfers who sometimes take it all too seriously.

  2. Thanks for the thanks, Greg. By the way… who are you guys? ;-D

  3. Congrats on a good start, and the inertia you’ve built for 2010.

    I truly enjoy what you guys write and the attitude you have, so keep up the great work!

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