2010 Top 10 Golf Stinks Posts

We don’t know about you, but 2010 seemed to go by faster than a ball headed for OB! Nevertheless, here we are at the end of December – a time to reflect back on all the fun times during the year. And that’s precisely what we’re going to do here – list our top 10 blog posts of 2010 (based on page hits)!

So enjoy re-reading these (or if you’re new to our blog, enjoy reading them for the first time)! And don’t forget about our giveaway at 11:59 tonight on our Facebook page – hey you never know…you could win a $50 gift card to Golf Galaxy!

OK, here we go…from #10 all the way down to our most frequently read post of the year at #1:

Number 10

Stinky Golfer’s Wives; We Do Exist – Back in July, Stinky Golfer Chris’ wife commandeered his laptop and penned her own blog post about life as the wife of a stinky golfer!

Number 9

Why I Love Taking 5 Hours to Play Golf – Last month, Stinky Golfer Greg got both cheered and jeered after explaining he thinks it’s OK to play a round of golf in 5 hours!

Number 8

These Raisins Put it Down the Middle Every Time… – In August, Stinky Golfer Greg shared his favorite new commercial with us!

Number 7

Pimp My Golf Cart (Redux) – Continuing on the success of his first post about tricked-out golf carts, Stinky Golfer Pete revisited the world of pimped EZ-Go’s and this time included a couple of video clips!

Number 6

Throw, Throw, Throw your Club like an A-Hole on the Green… – Earlier this month, Stinky Golfer Greg offered his thoughts on golf club throwing…and conducted a poll to see how you felt about it too! There’s still time to add your opinion on the not-so-graceful art of golf club tossing!

Number 5

When is it Too Hot to Play Golf? – In July, Stinky Golfer Chris explained that some people will play in any heat…But not him!

Number 4

The Truth About Walking the Golf Course – October is a great month to walk the golf course – and Stinky Golfer Greg highlights a study that proves golf can equal exercise!

Number 3

The Economics of Golf – In this eye-opening breakdown of golf’s contribution to the U.S. economy, Stinky Golfer Greg examines a study that shows how and where the golf industry makes its money…and you may be surprised!

Number 2

Custom Fitting Golf Clubs: Worth It? – In June, Stinky Golfer Chris was approaching a golf milestone – he was about to be custom fit for new clubs! In this candid post, he ponders if it will all be worth it.

and finally…

Number 1

Is USGA Membership Worth It? – After years of trashing his annual membership form, Stinky Golfer Greg explains why 2010 may be the year he finally joins the USGA!

So here’s looking forward to another year of stinking at golf! Bring on 2011!
-Golfstinks Team


  1. I’m hiding this post from my fiance because of #10… I don’t want her getting any ideas.

    Happy New Year, looking forward to reading more of your stuff in 2011!

  2. Good thinking, WAM! Happy New Year!

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