Speed Up Your Round With Drag-Cart Golf

Imagine having this thing out on the golf course?

Imagine having this thing out on the golf course?

There has been a couple of times now when we’ve shown you some pimped out golf carts.  Be it Mustangs and Hummers or rim sportin’ and system bumpin’ rides.  Most recently it was a few golf cart replicas of famous rides from TV.  But remember back when we were kids riding in golf carts?  What were we interested in then?  How fast could the cart go, right?

Some of us new that guy who could lift the seat, make a few adjustments and just like that, the cart would go faster.  But it was never quite fast enough, was it?  Well, let me introduce you to a man who has quickly become the hero of our childhood, souped-up golf cart dreams.

Ladies and gentlemen, your hero…Mr. Terry Hatfield…

Just to give you an idea what’s going on here, this is still all electric.  He did not swap this out for a gas engine.  That is 1/8th of a mile covered in just a hair under 6.6 seconds at 97+ MPH.  97!!  We’re talking sports car quickness out of an electric golf-cart here.  As a point of reference, the new Camaro Z28 covers 1/4 mile in 12.7 seconds.  So it stands to reason, over a 1/4 mile race, this golf cart hangs only slightly behind one of the most desirable American made muscle cars in recent memory.  Now that, friends, is a true golf innovation and most certainly worthy of Golfstinks: Pimp My Golf Cart Edition.  Plus, imagine how much the speed of an 18-hole round would increase?  Four hours?  Ha!  How about 45 minutes?!

Swing ’til you’re happy!


  1. thats a cool cart!

  2. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:

    I’m looking at getting one of these, if it fits in the back of my Jeep wagon, both for on-the-course and other places where a small scooter might be handy. And you don’t look like you stole Granny’s power-scooter from the nursing home.

    Fairway Rider G3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9UzEnVQS_A

    If I were 30-years younger, I’d get one of these; Golf Board

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