Another Golf Milestone (Memory) Reached

There have been a few milestones achieved in my so-called golf career.  The first time I was fitted for custom clubs.  The first time I broke 100.  I’m still working on breaking 90.  92 is my best yet.  For a lot of us, the first time we broke 110!  But some milestones are more bittersweet.  Maybe they are more golf memories than milestones.  Maybe they involve you losing to your opponent.  Maybe they involve you not playing such a good round.  Hey, it happens.  Such was my most recent milestone.

Last weekend, my two boys and I headed out for a quick nine-hole round.  As usual, I’m writing down the scores but not really paying them much mind.  We’re more playing for fun, like we always do.  But after the seventh hole I start to realize, after my youngest got the best score on the hole, I’m not playing so well.  Well, not that I ever do.  So I should say, I’m playing worse than usual.  So out of curiosity, I check the scores.  Uh-oh.  Two holes left and my oldest is five strokes up on me!  Now what?

Again, it’s not a competition.  I never look at it that way…unless there’s money on the line.  Or food.  Or beer.  But you know what I mean.  And there’s never money on the line with my kids.  I mean, really now…what kind of person bets money with their kids knowing they have the clear advantage?  Plus…my kids don’t have jobs.

Needless to say, five strokes in two holes was a bit too much for me to make up.  And despite my valiant effort, I still lost by four.  So the milestone?  First time my kid beat me.  Bittersweet because I don’t like that I lost, but happy for him to have beaten me.  Granted, I played one of the worst nine-hole rounds in memory…but that doesn’t matter.  A loss is a loss.

So now I have a little something more to look forward to when I hit the links with my kids.  Not only is a quality time spent with the boys, but from this point on there will also be a level of competition added to each round.  I’m not going to forget him beating me…and I’m sure he won’t let me either.  Now…if I can just get him to find a job…

Swing ’til you’re happy!

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