Tee Area, Not a Pee Area


(Photo by Greg D’Andrea)

GolfStinks’ co-founder Tom (NOT pictured above) has always wanted to invent a portable toilet – particularly for a car, but he’s had thoughts of applying his idea to golf carts too (after all, the golf course is a good place for a portable toilet).

General male thinking on the golf course typically goes as follows: “I have to pee and I’m outdoors already – perfect!” Most guys will wander over to the edge of the tree line and water the foliage.

The tastefulness of this act depends upon who’s present at the time. For example, if it’s a foursome of male friends, no one would probably think twice about someone relieving themselves on the side of the tee-box. However, someone who’s latched-on with an unfamiliar threesome would probably wait until the turn to hit the head.

But some courses (as you can see from the photo above) want to crack-down on golf course peeing. It’s interesting the course chose that particular place to put the sign – perhaps it was getting mushy on that spot or more likely (and potentially far worse), perhaps the location isn’t as concealed as it appears!

At the moment I snapped that photo, my golf buddy (who shall remain nameless) was obviously in complete violation of the local ruling. Perhaps he should have used the device in the video below instead?

“I really have to go, but there’s a ‘no pee’ sign over there. I guess I’ll have to get out my UroClub. Ok, let me unscrew it…crap, it’s still wet from last time. Hang on, let me get this towel thingy situated over my general groin area…crap, now I can’t see what I’m doing…crap, it’s going everywhere…ah the hell with it – I’m going over to that tree – screw that sign!”

Yeah, I fail to see how that would be any better.

Look, my advice is if you’ve gotta go on the course, choose your spot wisely…and watch out for ticks…


  1. Good post,

    I see this week in week out at my local golf course. Most guys just can’t seem to wait until after the 9th or 18th hole to relieve themselves. We even have a toilet half way around the back nine yet for some it is not early enough.


  2. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:


    At our course there are Pot-A-Potties every three holes, and with carts a golfer is never more than a few minutes away from discrete relief. And we don’t have much on-course drinking….not that it’s totally discouraged.

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