Making Golf More Enjoyable?

It's the little things that make golf more enjoyable...

It’s the little things that make golf more enjoyable… (photo by Greg D’Andrea)

What would make golf and golfing more enjoyable? In all the years I’ve played, that question might have surfaced a handful of times if that. Unfortunately, most of the answers we came up with mistakenly replaced “more enjoyable” with “more convenient for my lazy ass”. For example, we thought there should be an on-call delivery service from the pro shop or 19th hole to wherever we were. “Boy, those 3 hotdogs, 2 bags of chips and large soda didn’t quite cut it at the turn. A cheeseburger would do the trick but we’re already on the 10th hole. Oh wait, they deliver!” See what I mean?

We have to be careful with what we try to introduce into golf. You know the old saying, “If it isn’t broke…don’t fix it.” I could see adding little things here and there that won’t really change the game or how it’s played. Something like a vending machine that sells golf balls, tees, divot tools, etc. I think that would actually help, especially when it’s busy out there.

We shoot a round to enjoy golf and hopefully the people we’re with. I’m not really sure there’s much more that can be done to make it more enjoyable. We can have the newest clubs, a personal butler and a customized cart with a kegerator but all those amenities won’t matter if you’re playing like crap or your company sucks. Golf is all about balance and it encompasses every facet of the game from your swing to the 19th hole.

Let’s get real for a minute; the guy that can afford the new clubs, butler and cart is more than likely the same rude pompous ass who is slamming their clubs and cursing after every other stroke. Balance my friends! It’s the simple things that makes golf enjoyable. A set of sticks, some good friends and a few hours to hack away.

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!! Stay balanced…


  1. So true! I think the same philosophy applies to many other aspects of our lives. Great post.

  2. Pete

    I agree, golf is a sport that offers many things to many different people! I believe that golf is a contact sport….the more contact with friends on the course the better. Making the game better is really and inside job. For the love of the sport!


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