Reverse Golf Psychology

Esprit et golfDon’t you just hate when some jackass in your foursome tells you to keep your head down and aim for the target? What ivy league school did this Mensa member attend to formulate that statement? Keep your head down and aim. That reminds me of the movie Raising Arizona, the “Everybody freeze! Everybody down on the ground” scene. If you never saw it, watch it.

First of all, keeping your head down does not work, period. If your swing sucks, it doesn’t matter if your head is even attached. There is a lot more involved here, obviously. You would think we would have learned this through trial and error. Not for nothing, picking your head up during a swing is not that easy to do…I’ve tried.

I’m pretty sure mental preparedness is key. Now, I have to block out the jackass and take the shot. Here’s where I reverse psychologize myself (it’s probably not a real verb but I’m going with it anyway). When I aim for the pin, I hit everywhere else. So, I aim everywhere else. You see what I’m saying? Maybe I can trick myself into hitting a good shot.

The reality is I don’t play enough, as most golfers, and to make up for the lack of practice I need every advantage possible. Even if it’s as dumb as trying to fool myself. Whatever works, right?

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!

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