Golf, Hacks and Apps.

green gridThis past weekend the guys at headed out for a quick round. It was nice to have everyone together doing what we love. Although it wasn’t so nice for the course to have four hacks making a chopped salad out of the rough and fairway…and green…sorry about that. Nonetheless, the day couldn’t have been better weather-wise.

Amidst the salad making, a joke was made about misreading the greens and how I should have used my “green reading app”. That got me thinking. What if there was an actual app that did that. I’m sure some designer out there can engineer a way using the camera and gyroscope, which every smartphone has, to survey the green somehow and show where the breaks are.

Would that even be legal? I’m guessing no. This could seriously lower scores and handicaps. Not to mention change the odds for golf betting matchups. Not for nothing, companies make a living on illegal golf aids. If that’s the case they should come out with it and let the brass ban it from competitive play.

Could you imagine Phil or Tiger setting up their smartphone on a little Nike or Callaway tripod? The day that happens is the day I stop watching golf all together. Leave the gimmicks and gadgets to the suckers…I mean consumers. Oh well, off to the practice green. Now, where’s that darn smartphone…?

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!

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