Catching Up On Golf.

strong antUsually, I’ll check in every so often and see what’s happening on the tour. For some reason, this year I’ve been following a little more than usual. Or so I thought. When did Tiger become ranked #1 again? So much for thinking I’ve been following golf this season.

After going back and checking his stats, this guy has really been doing well. I guess I’m used to the days when Tiger’s every move was broadcasted. I mean, this guy’s farts were even documented. Remember that? Maybe it was Steve Williams that broke wind but you get the point.

Moving on. Phil…WTF! All 37 of us left handed golfers in the world were counting on you maybe even some righties. That’s OK though, we still think you’re great! What can you do? Crap happens and I’ll take a 2nd place prize of half-a-mill any day. That’s the greatest thing about pro golf, you can come in 25th place and still walk away with some extra scratch in your pocket.

Even though 2nd place does pay out well, I’m sure this has reached “Eleanor” status for Mr. Mickelson. Come on man, don’t let that old saying about the bridesmaid crap be true. Dig deep brother and win a U.S. Open for the southpaws. You can do it! Win it for the Gipper too, if that helps.

That pressure must be ridiculous at times. I’ll give it to him though, he can definitely carry it. I’m sure a lot of people would have buckled under that weight like a one legged asthmatic ant with a bad back.

Ah ha! Now the picture makes sense, kind of.

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. You really must not be following golf at all because Tiger’s every move is still well documented. Probably even more so now because he has the paparazzi following him everywhere.

    As for Phil, he sort of did fold under the pressure because the two shots that cost him the tournament both came with wedges in his hand, which most would consider the best part of his game. With the size of the fairways and the length of the rough, I never would have guessed two poor wedge shots would have done him in.

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