Golfing Dads…

Can golf be as American as...

Can golf be as American as…

Once a year we take a day to thank our dads. They’re the ones, in most cases, who took us to our first ball game. They showed us how to throw a ball, swing a golf club, and spit (indirectly and more by example). Thinking back, what could be more American? Well, in my case none of this sounds familiar, except for the spitting. :)

The baseball and apple pie stereotype of growing up American were substituted for football (a.k.a. soccer) and sfogliatelle. See, my dad came to the U.S. in his late 20’s via a few year stay in England after leaving his home in Italy. Oddly enough this not so stereotypical upbringing is also very American. The diversity is why I love this country.

After a recent conversation with my dad, I walked away laughing. My father wants to start golfing and asked me to take him. Normally, it’s our dads who show us how to golf and swing a club. Now the roles are reversed. This should be interesting. Should I get revenge for the times he’s embarassed me as a kid? Tempting, but karma can be a mother.

Well, it’s off to the old track with the old man. Since we got the spitting down pat, I’ll start with the fundamentals…proper use of four letter words. Happy Father’s Day!

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. Pete

    You are so lucky! It is not often we have an opportunity to really give back to our fathers. Enjoy your time together….it is priceless.


  2. Nice post Pete. Would love to see some follow up on this one, and how your Dad’s progressing…..With the golf though…..Not the language!

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