Golf In A Whole New Light.

sunrise-165094_640I have to say, it’s nice to wake up on a beautiful sunny day and hit the links. Actually, it’s nice to just wake up and have the opportunity to hit the links on any day. It’s the American way. Every day we have the choice to make choices. It’s called freedom and it’s fantastic!

In the wake of the Boston Marathon and recent tragedies, the steady thump of the patriotism drum is heard once again loud and clear. Stirring up feelings or emotions reminiscent of the  days and weeks following 9/11. Today, I’m proud to be an American. Just like any other day but today is special because it’s right now – the present. No matter what happens I will not be afraid to live.

Maybe the goal of these sick people that have caused these horrible events is to scare us into a  state of instability. Could be, but don’t they realize it only brings us closer and makes us stronger? Time and again, we bounce back and rise to the occasion. It’s a part of our DNA.

So, tomorrow when I wake up and have the freedom to chose what course I want to hack up, I’ll be thinking of how great it is to have this opportunity. An opportunity not to be taken for granted. It won’t matter if I snowman every hole, I will be grateful.

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. Pete

    Amen Brother! The actions of a crazy few should not impact the future of the masses. We are free and nothing shall prevent us from defending that right! My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the Boston Marathon event. I am also grateful to all those who defend that freedom! I am a grateful! Thank you for the post!


  2. Well said,

    Whilst in Australia we haven’t experienced much of what has happened in America we never take for granted what we have.

    Playing golf when we like and where we like is a freedom that I for one will enjoy and saver every minute of it.


  3. We’ve been shocked here In Canada to what happen in Boston. And U never know who, when and how. Our support to all the family’s

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