Shoveling Snow Helps Your Golf Game.

shovel-snowActually, I’m not really sure if it does or doesn’t help but this is more of turning a negative into a positive. Nobody I know likes to shovel snow but it’s inevitable living in the Northeast. At some point or other we will have to face these crystallized flakes of water and it sucks knowing I have to shovel water.

So where’s the positive? Well, it’s no secret it’s a physical activity that uses a majority of the muscles in our body. What it comes down to is us making the most of the situation and maximizing the benefits of the opportunity. Our good friend Jim over at posted about this a couple months ago. He discusses the importance of your legs in a golf swing (and shoveling snow) and touches upon the use of arms too.

The important thing to keep in mind is moderation and performing within your limits. We golfers in the northern parts of the U.S. might slack off a bit during the winter months. Here’s a great chance to get outside and use those dormant golf muscles. Again, I can’t stress enough the importance of using proper technique and not over doing it.

The more I think about it the more I can see similarities between the two. Before we golf or shovel we should do a little stretching and warm up. We usually think before swinging, right? We have a general idea of where we want the ball to land. It usually doesn’t happen but when we shovel we also have an idea of where the snow is going to go. Tossing that crap around randomly gets us nowhere. Finally, we approach the task with a game plan of getting it done as efficiently and with the least amount of shovel-fulls (or strokes) as possible.

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!

Disclaimer: We are NOT trainers, doctors or in any way certified to give workout advice. Also, shoveling snow can be potentially dangerous. We do not condone shoveling snow and actually dislike it…a lot.


  1. Pete

    Your article is great! It definitely brought a smile to my face. I thought I was the only one who made game (snow) plans to effectively move the most amount of snow in the least amount of shoveling. On 4 more weeks till practice time.


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