Nothing Better Than New Clubs…

WarehouseNew to me that is. You know the saying, one man’s trash is another man’s golf equipment…or something like that. I like to consider myself a “Jeff Smith” when it comes to golf. The frugal golfer if you will. Buying golf clubs can be quite taxing on the wallet especially in a down economy. I lucked out on my set of Mizuno’s. It just so happened that when I walked into my local golf shop there sat these barely used beauties. And luck was definitely the factor there. If I walked in a day later they would have been gone and I really despise paying retail for anything.

That was a handful (or two) of years ago and times have definitely changed. Thanks to the internet I can scour the world for pre-owned golf equipment right from my home. Unfortunately, it eliminates the local pro shop but it ups my chances of finding what I want. Using my trusty researching skills (google) I came across and was pretty impressed at the pre-owned inventory available. The clubs are discounted and come with a warranty! Sites like this can be useful to us hacks on a budget. I see it like buying a pre owned car – no sticker shock.

You know, I think a great idea for local golf shops would be to connect with sites like this and offer their services to custom fit clubs to golfers. Create a network of companies with pre owned inventory and make it exclusive to shops. The golfer can go  in and get custom fitted. The measurements are sent out to these pre owned inventory stocking companies and if there is a match the local shop can offer the option of a pre-owned, discounted and guaranteed set or new. This eliminates any quality issues or uncertainty we may have with purchasing clubs online.

It doesn’t have to be just with custom fitted stuff only. The customer can buy whatever they want. I feel this can bring back the Mom and Pop shop and give people a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing they got a deal and someone local they can turn to. Just my $.02…

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. I’ve never purchased too many second hand clubs in my golfing life. Though I will say there is almost nothing ever wrong with used clubs. Most of the time they are only for sale because golfers have given up on trying to hit them. The clubs themselves are fine just the users were unable to get the most out of them.

  2. Pete

    I am all about used clubs. Each year after Christmas I make trek to Golf Town for their after Christmas sale. Generally, I go to the demo section where I usually find a treasure. Used clubs is a great idea.


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