POLL: What’s Wrong With Used Clubs?

It’s no secret our country is not at its peak economical condition. Based on that, we also know the crap rolls down hill and eventually affects or has affected almost everyone. Who has the money to do anything let alone buy a new set of golf clubs? I’ve touched upon used clubs before but I have a new angle! I want to know what happens to all the surplus golf clubs that are not purchased.

Is the material recycled? Are they donated? Hint, hint…our good friends over at Bunkersinbaghdad.com accept donations…just saying. Considering most are not recycled or donated, that means there’s a plethora of golf clubs not available to us, I’m guessing. My question to you is; Would you buy used or older model clubs?

Hit’em Long…yell FORE!!!

Would you buy used/older model golf clubs?

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  1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:

    I’ve always bought surplus clearance or used clubs. I think I have two putter that I actually bought brand-new—from a store—in the original wrappers. Otherwise, E-Bay, the flea market or the used-barrel at the pro shop.

    I don’t like these 440-460cc drivers anyway—only way to get 310-360cc drivers is used these days. Even the component companies have dropped the smaller-sized drivers and 2-woods.

    Maybe Phil’s new Frankenwoods and small-volume Frankendriver will spur a new interest in smaller woods…

    • I’m with you! The only club I bought new was a Taylor Made 3 wood…and that was the previous year’s model. These Franken-clubs could be a new direction…

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with buying second hand clubs but personally have never done so. I just like the look and feel of a brand new club and mentally I feel like it will do a better job even though it probably won’t.

    I think it also depends on what brand you buy second hand as some hold up better than others.

  3. I have bought used golf clubs before. I won’t buy drivers that are more than 2 years old (as that particular item wears out over time) but I have bought irons that were more than 10 years old. I have been mostly happy with my used club purchases and will most likely buy used again if/when I decide to get different clubs.

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