Holy Soreness Practice Range!

Spsorenessring is officially here but you would never be able to tell here in Norway…I mean the Northeast. I figured by now when I look out the window in the morning there would be  stuff budding and not snow. Wtf! That still didn’t stop me though. Damn right I hit up the practice range…two extra large buckets!

And what a mistake that was. I tend to suffer from 18/80 syndrome and unfortunately there is still no known cure. You see, the fever had set in and I was blinded by memories of warm summer days on the course. Although I agree with the whole doing things in moderation, I wouldn’t be a male species if I actually practiced it.

It’s great to tell your friends about dieting and exercising in moderation because it makes you seem like you got your s*** together and that you’re intelligent. In reality, I go hit 300 balls and then ingest 3000 calories at the nearest drive thru because I just “worked out” and need to feed those starving muscles. So much for moderation.

Today, I am ecstatic my keyboard is below shoulder level. I had to use water for my cereal this morning because milk is on the top shelf. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little but I’m definitely more aware of muscle groups I never knew existed. Here’s to moderation!

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:

    Here in central NJ…where’s the Spring?
    Our Friday league is supposed to start in two weeks…and it was 31-degress this morning and NOTHING is budding yet…to say nothing of the turf-grass.

  2. You’ll get there Pete, stick with it.

    The best part is once you get in better shape your golf scores will drop dramatically!

  3. Hitting 300 balls your first time out….WOW! That is a tough way to start the season. I agree that moderation at the beginning of the golf season is very difficult. I guess that is what happens when your golf course is covered with snow for 5 months of the year!


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