Where Are My Clubs?!?!

One of the many things that piss me off about golf is when a club goes missing. It seems inevitable that at least once a year either the person I’m riding with or myself will lose or misplace a club. This drives me absolutely nuts because it is usually a wedge that will not be used until I’m near the green on the next hole.

There is a ritual to the whole process. First you search your bag and then your cart buddy’s bag, just in case you put it there. Then for some reason you get up on the balls of your feet and look back at the previous green like you will be able to see the club. Once that proves to not be effective you proceed with the golfer’s walk of shame.

This walk of shame consists of stopping at the foursome behind you and asking if they picked up your club. If they didn’t (chances are they did and now have a new club) you then make the next stop at the previous green and check the surroundings. You keep repeating this process until you find the club, give up searching for it or realize all the time you are wasting.

I think golf club manufacturers should implement a tracking system for their clubs. Maybe some sort of GPS chip in the shaft. This would help prevent golf club theft and shorten the inevitable walk of shame!

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!   


  1. I agree. Losing your clubs is frustrating…your post is too funny! Thanks for sharing.

    The Grateful Golfer

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