What’s The Attraction Of Winter Golf?

47, 39, 41, 39, 36.  Audibles from a quarterback?  Lottery numbers?  Nope, neither one.  These numbers represent the reason I will not be golfing anymore until the spring.  They are the high temperatures for the next five days here in my area of CT.  And believe me, they don’t get any higher for the remainder of the year. 

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t golf when the temperature drops below 50 degrees.  However, it’s not so much the cold air.  I mean, that’s part of it.  But for the most part, I don’t mind a little cold air.  It’s the bundling up to play golf.  See, I don’t want to look like the guy in the picture above when I’m trying to play.

How do you comfortably play golf in a thick, hooded sweatshirt and winter gloves?  If I can’t get out there and play comfortably, the way I would want to, then what’s the point?  Don’t get me wrong, I love playing golf.  But I don’t love it enough to put myself through the cold and wear clothing that’s going to hamper and restrict my game even more than it already is. 

I see the game as fun.  I play the game strictly for fun.  So if something is going to take away from the fun of the game, then I don’t see the point in being out there.  But it never fails.  On a cold day I’ll drive by a golf course and there are people out there.  They’re bundled up like they’re at the mid-way point of the Iditarod, but they’re out there nonetheless.  

So what am I missing?  What’s the draw to playing in the cold? I like fishing, but not enough to go ice fishing.  Someone needs to explain the attraction to me because I’m obviously missing something.

Swing ’til you’re happy!


  1. The key is to avoid the bulky layers. I wear a thermal undershirt, a long sleeve golf shirt, a fleece pullover and jeans to start. I walk and carry, and after about a hole and a half, I’m putting the pullover into my golf bag. I also wear mittens walking between shots, but usually end up putting those in the bag too. Riding in a cart would just make you colder, but when you walk it can be very pleasant. My threshold is mid 30’s if the wind isn’t blowing, and 40 if it is. Maybe the best part about playing in the winter is that the course is almost always empty since most people won’t do it. I know people driving by the course think I’m crazy, but I’m usually quite comfortable and I’m out playing golf!

  2. Anonymous…you are a trooper. But that’s way too much effort for me with the mittens. I suppose if the sun is shining and it’s not windy, then I can live with the upper 40’s. Otherwise, yeah…I’m the guy driving by the course that thinks you’re crazy.

    Besides, when I wear mittens, my flask keeps slipping out of my hands…

  3. I’m glad you clarified Chris. I thought those were the scores of your last five rounds.

  4. Off seasons are good things. To every season and all that stuff. I can play year round here in NorCal but I really don’t mind throttling back some when it’s raining like it will be this weekend.

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  6. Well I’m from Portland so if the weather is generally always cold or rainy (besides for the short summer months). So I tend to stick with the thermals, long sleeves, gloves and comfortable sweaters…all of which I make sure do not restrict my swing. But the appeal for me must be having the brisk air on my face, the open green to myself and big bottle of beer or a flask of whiskey to keep me warm. http://www.pumpkinridge.com/

  7. Well I guess you can get used to it while living in Portland. Now that’s a city I’d like to visit sometime. Plus all of us at golfstinks would like to get onto Ghost Creek. I don’t know about the rest of the guys, but I might even be willing to break my 50 degree rule for that one. Might.

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