You Beer-Drinking, Cigar-Smoking, Club-Throwing, Late-Arriving, Sorry Excuse for a Golfer!

From time to time, the Golf Stinks blog will attempt to take the pulse of our readers. We’ll post about a golf-related topic and include a poll to get every one else’s opinion.

Below, we’ll examine the results of 6 different polls we conducted during 2010; and some of these findings may (or may not) surprise you!

In September, we reported on what nutritionists recommend eating during a round of golf. After reviewing what the experts said, we still wanted to know what ya’ll were eating at the turn. While only 34 people took the poll, 44% of you said (in direct defiance of the nutritionists we should add) that hot dogs and beer are the way to go! Meanwhile, 17% said they ate some sort of energy/granola bar yet only 5% ate the recommended fruits and veggies. What may be even more surprising, 20% actually said they ate nothing at the turn. This just proves we play golf for fun more than anything else (and why we’re overweight)!

In a post about how starters hate the Golfstinks foursome because we usually arrive for our tee-time with barely a minute to spare, we wanted to know when other people typically arrive at the course. Of the poll’s 37 respondents, 72% arrive with enough time to take a few practice putts, while 37% have time to hit range balls to boot. Surprisingly however, 24% get there just in time to tee-off. So while in the minority, clearly we here at Golfstinks are not alone in making the starters sweat!

With all the fake grass mats and electronic ball returns out there, we decided to poke a little fun at the practice of indoor putting. After ranting a bit on the subject, we wanted to know your thoughts on playing putt-putt in your living room. Of the 51 respondents, only 17% said they do it to actually improve their putting. Instead, the most common answer (50%) was they putt indoors just to kill time! What’s more, 13% said the practice was a complete waste of time! It should be noted that subsequent studies we’ve read do say putting indoors can produce a more consistent stroke, which can then lead to sinking more putts out on the links…of course, that’s all predicated on the fact that your consistent stroke is a good one to begin with!

In July, Stinky Golfer Greg confessed that par 3 and executive courses didn’t feel like “real” courses to him. Because he realized this was a rather pompous attitude, he asked our readers what they thought of these short tracks. Seventy people responded and the majority (38%) said par 3/executive courses are good for a quick round once in a while. Just 28% play them all the time, while 30% rarely play them – giving Stinky Golfer Greg the comfort of knowing he’s not alone.

Smoking is a touchy subject these days. Everyone knows it’s bad for you, but cigars and golfing go together like peanut butter and jelly. So when we learned about cities and towns attempting to ban smoking on public golf courses, enough alarm bells went off at Golfstinks headquarters to warrant a new post…and another poll! To date, 98 people have voiced their opinion about banning smoking on public golf courses, and an overwhelming majority (89%) said NO to the ban! Think town council meetings across the country would be swayed by this lowly Golf Stinks blog poll? Yeah, you’re probably right.

Finally (and most recently), we posted about how someone’s frequent club throwing can be annoying to others in the foursome. Since throwing clubs after a bad shot seems like a pretty common occurrence, we decided to ask y’all how often you through your sticks around on the links. Nearly 130 folks have taken the poll thus far and 41% of them say they would never throw a club in anger! Meanwhile, 34% say they rarely throw clubs. But, there are club throwers out there – 18% said they are occasional club tossers, while 4% said they fire their clubs around all the freaking time! Wow! Be careful out there!

I’m sure in 2011, we here at Golfstinks will offer-up more golf polls to voice your opinion on. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to the results!


  1. I have thrown two clubs during my “golf career”, both in my younger days. The first was a drive across a cart, the cart won but it was an excellent throw.

    The second was a sand wedge in the general direction of the cart. It hit an OB steak and broke… cheap club I say.

    Since then I have matured and now use vulgar language instead of tossing clubs, it’s cheaper. haha.

    Great stats!

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