Re-Gripping Clubs, Saving Money & Balance

golf club slipFor the last 4 years I’ve been telling myself I need to re-grip my clubs. I know, I know…4 years is a long time to go with crappy grips. What you are missing here is the strategy. I can blame my grips for every bad shot, which happens to be just about every shot. OK, maybe not every shot but, you get the point.

The fact that I stink at golf has made me a firm believer in everything has to have balance – yin and yang. You see, without bad shots I wouldn’t appreciate the good shots as much. Although there are usually more bad shots than good shots, the good shots are easily worth 5 or so bad ones (e.g. balance). Hence, no re-gripping…that is until now.

I decided to re-grip my clubs myself for 2 reasons; 1) it’s cheaper and I can save 40-50 bucks and; 2) my grips were so bald a club almost went flying out of my hands, which is definitely a safety hazard. So, I hopped online and was able to find a good deal on some new grips, double sided tape and solution. I then headed over to YouTube for instructional videos and voil√†, I was good to go.

The difficulty level was very low, however it did require a little effort to slide the grips over the tape. Other than that it was very easy. Now I have to figure out what to blame for my un-spectacular play. I guess I could just man-up and face the reality. Hey, at least my ball retriever can go another year before it needs to be re-gripped!

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:

    I’ve been using the air-compressor method and it makes re-gripping at home so simple. I don’t even need to use a bench vise most of the time…just use the compressed air blowing the grip off, and use again at reduced pressure to help slide them on.

    Best of all, I can try grips without destroying them taking them back off. That allows me to recycle them or swap grips. Got a really-worn grip, swap it for one on a club you rarely-use…or that 3-iron or 4-iron that never should leave the garage.

    • Hey Ted, I wanted to try the air compressor method but unfortunately I don’t have one. Although, that is on my man-list of stuff I will probably use once or twice a year but want anyway in my garage…you know, just in case.

      Funny you mention the 3 and 4 iron. I actually use those and leave my driver and 3 wood behind. Whatever works right?

  2. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:

    You don’t need a fancy air-compressor. I use one of those cheap plastic units that are meant for filling-up car tires and the occasional football…the kind that plug into your car’s cigarette-lighter plug or power-plug.

    I took an old 12v. riding lawn-mower battery and wired a cheap cig-lighter socket from the auto-parts store to it for when I want to use it on the workbench. If you then attach your wall-plug powered car-battery charger to the battery’s terminals it acts as a storage-buffer so you don’t over-energize the air-compressor while it’s sitting on the bench. I’ve burned the compressor’s plug clipping the charger directly to the compressor’s power-plug. If you’re just doing a few grips, the battery usually has enough ‘uumph for the task…though you still need to recharge the battery at some point.

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