Golf & Marriage.

GolfCake_1As I prepare to take the plunge, I’ve noticed how marriage and golf share some similarities. Not only that, there is also a love-hate relationship too…I love it, she hates it. This contrast is good though, it allows the emotions to surface.

Speaking to a couple of older married golfers, they pointed out how selecting golf clubs is like selecting your spouse. First, it will catch your eye then the flirting process begins. You look at it a little closer maybe caress it gently and finally, you fall in love and end up together.

Now, I purposely left out one part that these married golfers I spoke to also had mentioned would have been great in the courting stages. One  said, “Before you buy clubs you get a chance to try them out first…you know what I mean?” Interesting point. I’m sure that would require a rather delicate approach, nonetheless point taken.

I mentioned to my spouse-to-be, the part about trying out the clubs first and to my surprise she was accepting. She said “No problem, I’ll start…the attic needs to be cleaned and reinsulated. The basement needs to be refinished. That enchanted forest you call a garage needs to be organized. Looks like we could use a new roof while you’re at it…and when you’re done you can try out the golf clubs.”

Mars and Venus, man…Mars and Venus.

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. Enjoy married life! Happy wife is a happy life!

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