Golf Season 2014: High Hopes And Low Expectations.

winterkillLet’s face it, old man winter kicked the snot out of us this year and there’s a good chance the can of whoop ass he opened still has a little juice left on the bottom. That is, of course, if these meteorologists are right and for the most part they have been. What ever happened to the days when the weather person’s forecast was about as trustworthy as Bernie Madoff’s investment strategy?

Obviously technology has improved and with that so has the accuracy of weather forecasting. It’s too bad this has no bearing on the beating our local courses have taken. Every year I look forward to spring and the start of our golf season but due to the brutal winter we had…well…the title says it all. I’m pretty sure the snow and ice that has been sitting around for a few weeks will take it’s toll on the greens and fairways. Good ol’ winterkill.

I guess things could be worse. There could be no golf course at all. Let’s try to see the positive in everything. It’ll be like muni golf everywhere for half the season. You know, greens that should be called browns. Fairways that resemble sandlots we used to play in as kids. It’ll be a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Not for nothing but the fees better reflect memory lane too, you know what I’m saying…

Regardless of what hand we are dealt come opening day, the important thing to remember is we have the opportunity to golf. Granted it might be a little rough on the eyes (and scorecard) but we’ve endured worse and lived to write about it. So, to you mr. old man winter pppttthhhh!

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:

    I shudder to think what shape our local fairways will be-in in a month when the “golf season” is supposed to start. Our local Friday League normally starts handicap-round the first Friday of April and competitive-rounds mid-April. The grass here has been under snow for a good-part of the last 8-weeks…and another 4-inches just last night. We’ve had over 65-inches of accumulated snow this winter. Everything’s gone brown and been pushed-down flat by the weight, and the ground is soft and super-saturated. When and if the snow melts, I doubt the management will allow carts loose on the course at-all this month.

    At this rate, I think we’ll be lucky if the course conditions will allow use to start competitive-rounds by the end of April…may the beginning of May.

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