Golf Tournaments…

drunk golfWell, I’m sure we have all been to a golf tourney or two. They support great causes and can be a load of fun! In my years of playing golf, I am happy to have been part of some great tournaments as well. We raised money, helped people and felt good about it.

Then there are the other golf tournaments where golf is not so high up on the to-do list that day. Recently, I played in a golf tournament that should have been a scene in the “Hangover” trilogy. It was quite the experience. Oh you know, egg sandwiches and beer before hitting the first tee. Actually, some people had finished a six pack and a couple nips by 11:00 a.m.

I missed the blatant warning signs of what the day was to entail. Using my 20/20 hindsight here’s what I missed 1) It was hosted by a local bar 2) there were no charities, causes or foundations directly involved and most importantly 3) I knew the people organizing the tournament. I guess secretly I might have had a clue…I just try not to admit it.

I wished there could have been cameras on that course. The highlight reel would have been priceless. Just to recap the day, There was a cart with its front end looking like it hit a wall at 40 mph; tire tracks in a bunch of sand traps; me almost getting run over by a run away cart; “professional dancers” serving beverages on the course; and finally, a bunch of dirty golfers with grass stains on their clothes back at the clubhouse. Wonder how all that happened…?

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


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