Four Letter Words In Golf.

curses-1We all are very familiar with those, right? I’m pretty sure if you played at least one round of golf in your life you became subjected to these words pretty quickly. Funny thing, I’ve noticed these words can also be an indicator of how good a player you are.

Let’s take a closer look at this. Drawing from my basic knowledge of accounting, numbers don’t lie. Just like anything analytical or statistical it all comes down to numbers. So, besides that these are 4 letter words, how do numbers come into play? Glad you asked! It’s all about frequency. How often are these words used on the course.

Think about it. If you were to count how many times you used the “f” word, “s” word, or damn in a round and compare it over 10 rounds, you will notice that the higher the cursing the higher your score. Then there’s the other “f” word, which is the biggest indicator of how you are playing – fore.

“Fore” carries more weight than any other four letter word or curse you could conjure up on the ol’ track. If you have to use this word more than any of the other choice words you might want to reconsider if golf is right for you. Try a little experiment on your next few outings and see what you come up with.

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!! Just not too many times…


  1. Pete

    How right you are! This is a great article. I have been subjected to many verbal diatribes and have not enjoyed any of them. I rarely swear on the golf course, well anywhere actually, and believe that it is not really part of the game. Generally, I say…ahh, Jim, smile and carry on. OK sometimes the smile is a grit of my teeth, but hey nobody is perfect. Again, great article.


    • Thanks Jim! I try to keep certain four letter words out of my vocabulary as well but that doesn’t always seem to work. It’s the effort that counts, right?

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