Last Minute Golf Gift Ideas

It's never too late to get something for the golfer in your life!

It’s never too late to get something for the golfer in your life!

Contrary to popular belief, the most popular shopping day of the year is not Black Friday.  It actually changes from year-to-year, but the busiest day normally falls sometime in December.  However, most husbands and boyfriends would likely believe that December 24th is the busiest shopping day of the year.

So for anyone out there who falls into this frame of mind when it comes to holiday shopping, if you have a golfer on your list then maybe I can help.

See, the problem with buying gifts for golfers is that you really can’t buy the main things…clubs.  There are too many options, choices and variations.  In other words, too many wrong choices to make.  So you have to try sticking to the simpler things.  For instance:

How about a box of Callaway Tour iz golf balls? Sure they may run you about $50+, but it would be a much appreciated gift especially for a golfer, such as myself, who would not normally spend that kind of money on golf balls.

Got a little extra money to spend?  Maybe a little gadget like this would be nice…

It’s a Garmin GPS watch.  OK, so it’s about $250, but hey…it’s got lifetime course updates!

Or, maybe you have a golfer with a sense of humor.  Maybe something like this would do?

It farts when it returns your ball!  And after all, fart jokes never really get old, even for golfers.  So combining golf with a fart joke?  How could this gift go wrong…

Face it, we all save some of our holiday shopping for the last minute, be it intentional or otherwise.  So if you’re struggling with any last minute items, I hope I helped.  Otherwise, we here at golfstinks would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and all the best for the coming new year!

Swing ’til you’re happy!


  1. The Blog is so interesting about quality 18 hole golfing for seasoned and new golfers.

  2. I am very excited about this post.Its looking very helpful for every golfer shopping.

  3. Just recently saw an interview with Doc Rivers, coach of the Boston Celtics. When someone asked him what his favorite gift was, he told them it was the Garmin watch!

  4. I like the gadget which tells us lifetime course updates.

  5. Black Friday was created to get rid of the junk, we all know that, but still hoping something from it.
    Its better to make all the shopping after the new year

  6. I agree about Black Friday. That’s why electronics are so popular then. Outside of the people that need to have the latest piece of technology first, most people (me included) don’t really care that it’s the previous model TV – they just care that they’re able to get a flat screen TV for half price. However, I’m not willing to fight with crowds at 2am to get it.

    However, I’d sure like to see some of the local golf shops participate more in a Black Friday sale. I’d be willing to stand in line for last year’s driver at a hefty discount. What do I care if it’s not the latest model? The way I play…it makes no difference!

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