Help Wanted

Help-WantedAs far as I can remember, I was always told numbers don’t lie. So, let’s do the math. There’s 29 million or so golfers in the United States alone. Of that 29 million a fraction of 1% are pro and get paid to play. What does that mean? Well, it means there’s a crap load of stinky golfers out there.

To the 28.99 million golfers that stink, we are here for you! Our ethos has always been geared towards getting out there and having fun. We don’t give swing advice or try to sell you some bs gadget that will lower your score. Our favorite hole at every course is the same – the 19th. Ya dig?

In order for us to achieve what we set out for we need your help. We want to hear from you! Let us know what’s going on in your stinky golf world. If you have a benefit golf tournament going on, let us know and we can post about it. If you have a funny story that relates to a post, leave a comment about it. If you are in the Connecticut area and want to play a round, contact me ( and I’ll do my best to arrange a hack-fest with the guys at Trust me, nothing better than laughing at Stinky Golfer Tom.

We all golf for the same reason. We love to play and enjoy the camaraderie. The chances of us going pro are slim, actually they’re pretty much non-existent. In fact, if you have a buddy with delusions of grandeur thinking they can go pro we can set up a golf intervention. That’s actually pretty funny considering.

There you go. Golfstinks is all about helping the average golfer because that’s who we are!

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. Funny post and also very true. It’s incredible how most golf related websites seem geared towards pro golfing, and yet its audience is 99% mediocre golfers.

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