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golf schedThe older and wiser I get, the more I understand the principal and benefits behind planning stuff. I used to be a very spur of the moment person which had it’s fun moments but, for the most part, ended up doing more bad than good. For instance, one night back in my college days I was working on a paper due the next day. It was a 10 page essay on something or other I can’t quite remember. So, a buddy of mine called to inform me of the 25 cent pitcher special that ends at 9:30 pm. “Hmmmm…” I thought to myself. ” It’s only 6:30 now, I can be back here in a few hours. Perfect!” You see what I mean?

It’s funny, when it came to school work or a job I didn’t like, anything was better than what I was doing. Especially golfing! That was my escape. At one point, I thought I needed to go to rehab because I was golfing every single day, sometime twice! If I had an assignment due on Friday and it’s Wednesday, no problem, I still have Thursday to do it…I need to get a round in. Actually, that still goes on today but my judgement is much better.

This year marks a first for me. I’m going to try and make a 3 tier golf schedule for myself. Tier 1 being a perfect season with no issues and playing every date on my schedule. Tier 2 is a modified schedule with real life situations thrown in and at the end I would be happy with the amount of times I played. And tier 3, this is all about reality…if I play 15% of tier 1’s schedule it would be considered a normal year and I would be OK with that.

I’m trying to ease into this planning and scheduling thing and not set myself up for failure. I have to say, having a plan helps. I only wonder what today would be like if Eisenhower winged the D-Day invasion? Yep, planning is key.

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!


  1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:

    I just got my 2014 Planner (yes, it’s late…but I have to special order the one tat I like and have been using for years) and have already pencil’d-in “Friday League” for every Friday afternoon between April and the first week of October. That way I’m less-likely to commit to a client meeting or a site-visit that conflicts with the important-stuff. I need to play for holes each week if I want to realistically-improve. The “Master Plan” is to play the back-9 at 200-230pm before the League starts on the front-9 after 430pm. This I’m willing to be somewhat-flexible about.
    200pm – Golf ?
    330pm – Friday Golf League

    And I’d still like to get in some early season lessons in March thru May Tuesday or Wednesday mornings, along with trying to get one additional 9 or 18-hole afternoon/twilight round in every week once week get more light in the Summer. If I have time available in the morning, I do a round of chip-n-putt instead.

    There’s a lot of “business golf” opportunities at local “charity tournaments around here…but you have to be a reliable and legitimate 20 to 25-GHIN handicap max. to sign-up.

    • Hey Ted,

      Funny you mention planner. I’m working on a calendar/planner.

      It’s pretty simple actually. Forget this 12 month stuff, we cut it down to 5…November, December, January, February and Golfember. What do you think?

      Best regards,


      • Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says:

        Actually, I’d start in the year in April…similar to the Zodiac or the Solstice…through to October, then just No_Golfember ’til April.

        This year here in the Northeast we haven’t even had ‘winter golf’ weather…too-much snow and sub-freezing weather.

  2. Pete

    Making a plan is a very good idea. I have a plan to play four days a week and practice at lunch, because I am 5 minutes from work. This does not account for the hey lets hit the course for a quick nine. I do believe that it is important to make time to golf or else it does not happen. What did you get on your paper?


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