Golfing One Over On The Man…

Time for a skip day at work? The golf course is calling...

Time for a skip day at work? The golf course is calling…

If you tell me you have never skipped work, a family function or some sort of event you were invited to for a golf fix, you’re a big fat liar. Come on man, you can lie to your parents not to your friends. I believe 99.9% of golfers have done this at some point. The remaining .1% golf for a living and that doesn’t count. It’s almost a rite of passage and blatant proof of our passion for the game…sport, whatever.

Ok, so you still swear you never did it but find it intriguing and want to partake in this ritual. First thing, grow a set. Secondly, stick it to the man and get out there in all your hacking glory. If you get caught you are on your own. Remember, united we stand divided we fall and nobody likes a rat.

Still having second thoughts, are we? How about this, hop on to the ol’ world wide web and check out some fun golf games. Pick one of them and start playing. If you find yourself a little paranoid the boss will catch you, watch the movie “Office Space” for some inspiration and try again. If you get the feeling you are living on the edge and like it, kick it up a notch and carpe diem.

Please do understand that this is meant for entertainment and in no way do we condone risking your job or relationship because you are chicken. Ultimately, it is our jobs we love so much that allow us to pay for golf and putting that in jeopardy is foolish. Speaking of jobs, the late Steve Jobs once said “Stay foolish.”

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!

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