The Youth Is Spreading The Word Of Golf

Between this past Friday and Saturday, we had some unseasonably warm temperatures here in CT – upper 50’s, maybe even hit 60 on Saturday.  So, naturally, it brought up the golf conversation.  Staring outside through the kitchen window, I said to my oldest “If the ground wouldn’t be practically a mud bog, today would be a great day for golf.”  His reply?  “Yeah it would!”  Just as I had hoped.

However, it wasn’t just that reaction that I was excited about.  He had a friend stay the night and then asked him “Have you ever played golf?”  His friend replied that he had never tried.  So my kid starts to go on about how much fun it is, even if you’re not any good.  This is nice…he’s starting to sound like me.  He tells his friend that when the weather gets nicer, we should go to the range and have him try it out, then get him out on a course.

He then proceeds to explain to his friend how he’s gotten better and better over time and gives an example – he can no longer hit balls into the woods in the backyard.  OK, so I’m a little surprised by this…now I know why my golf balls are disappearing.  Curious now, I ask why.  And without hesitation to express concern that I now am aware of why I seem to be losing golf balls at an alarming rate, he answers “Because now I can reach the houses on the next street.  Well, maybe not when there’s leaves on the trees.”  My answer?  “Well, what do you say we don’t find out?”  I can tell from the look on his face that he gets what I’m saying…both about hitting a house and wasting my golf balls.

Despite this, I am encouraged.  I’m encouraged that he is learning to play the game the right way – by having fun.  Even thought he isn’t a great golfer, he has fun getting out there and playing.  I’m also encouraged that he is spreading the game to his friends and trying to get them to give it a shot as well.  This is reassurance that I am leading him down the right path with this sport.  And it also gives me hope that golf is still alive in the youth and may one day soon see a resurgence.

Swing ’til you’re happy!

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