Really Enjoying Golf…

friends golfing 2Well, it’s been an interesting week so far. I would like to thank our readers for commenting on my post last week about making golf more enjoyable. In particular there are a couple that stuck out. For the first one, we’ll move on over to the Twitterverse and…well…see tweet below.

How could I have gone all this time without a Pitch-n-puff? A solid brass tee! Talk about indestructible…wait, what? Oh, so you don’t actually use it to tee up a golf ball? It’s for what? Ooooohhhhh, I see. In that case, if your “golfing” with a pitch-n-puff in Colorado or Washington state you should be fine.

Next up, and boy am I excited about this, I received a voice mail from one of our readers, who just happens to be the one and only John Daly, stating how he likes to enjoy himself on the course. We’ve taken the liberty and transcribed the message below so everyone can read it, check it out.

“…Woo hoo! You golfstinkin’  motherf***ers are all right! When I’m on the course with my buds we really like to crack into a 30 pack and a fifth of…S**t, I don’t know…alcohol! It don’t f***in’ matter cuz we enjoying ourselves! And then we bust a couple lines…”

Oh dear, I think we’ve heard enough. Good to see Mr. Daly hasn’t forgotten how to enjoy himself. I guess the most important thing we can take from all of this is that you too should enjoy yourself on the course. However you think fit…But we’re not bailing you out.

Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!

Disclaimer: does not condone nor condemn any of the stuff mentioned above…we’re like Switzerland. Also, John Daly never called and left a message. But if he did, I’m guessing that is what it would’ve sounded like.

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