Measure Quality not Quantity for your Golf Season

A rare moment out on the links; The GolfStinks crew from left: Stinky Golfers Pete, Chris, Tom & Greg

A rare moment on the links; The GolfStinks crew from left: Stinky Golfers Pete, Chris, Tom & Greg

As I watch the snow falling outside my window, it’s becoming clear that my 2013 golfing season is over. But I’m OK with that. After all, I felt I had quality time out on the course this year.

Of course, if I told you I only played five rounds (all 9-holes each), you might think; “How can it be quality time for only five, nine-hole rounds?” But the reality is, I’m completely satisfied with the golf I played in 2013.

For starters, my wife and I welcomed our second child (a girl) in March. I knew months in advance that the timing of baby number two (right before the start of the season) would greatly hinder my number of rounds this year. So on that front, five rounds (even if they were only 9-holes each) doesn’t seem too bad.

Secondly, I played a different course for each of my rounds. I’m not one for redundancy (after all, I went on a quest to play every 18-hole public course in my state a few years back). So playing a different course each time out was a small victory for me (even if two of the rounds were the front and back of one course, played a couple months apart).

Thirdly, I was able to play with all my golfing buddies (which is easier said than done). I played a round with my dad (who rarely gets out on the course anymore); a round with the GolfStinks crew (a feat in and of itself); and a cold and blustery (yet satisfying) round at the end of the season, where one in our foursome included a former co-worker whom I hadn’t seen in a while (not to mention the course was right on the ocean).

And finally, I actually played pretty well (at least for my standards) – shooting right around my average. While my scores are the least important things on this list, they do add to the satisfaction I have with this past season. I think I was comfortable out on the course this year – probably due to the fact that I was appreciative to just be out playing. And my comfort level helped me relax, which helped me to play decently.

So what has this season taught me? Well, that it’s not about how many times you play, but rather what you make of your time out on the course. And I’m not just talking about playing well. What’s most important (at least to me) seems to be who I play with and then, to a lesser degree, where I play (followed lastly by how I play). Sprinkle in the fact that I played at all, and you can understand why I’m pretty smitten with the way my season turned out.

Sure, I’m looking forward to playing more in 2014. But I’m also looking forward to more quality time out on the course – the camaraderie and the scenery…the experience in general. And indeed that, is what this game is all about.

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