POLL: How Often Do You Get New Clubs?

Recently, I asked how much you pay for a new set of irons (that poll is still open, so feel free to vote HERE)! Today I want to know how long you should play with a set before deciding it’s time to purchase a new set.

I’ve had my current set for eight seasons now and I think it might be time. But what’s normal? I suppose if you have a ton of extra cash on hand, you might get a new set every year or so. But what about you?

How Often Do You Get New Clubs?


  1. With irons I think you can get away with a couple years before you’re behind the technology curve. Drivers are a different story, where you could really get a new one every year, if you play a lot, and see noticeable gains in yardage and accuracy. Iron tech isn’t as fast as the drivers. Unless you just play so much you wear out the grooves in less than a year, every 2 years is probably a good time to get some new sticks.

  2. @C Rogers – you make an interesting point and begs me to ask how many rounds the average golfer plays in a season? Perhaps another Poll is needed for this since assuming everyone has the money to plunk down on clubs every other year is a bit unrealistic.

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