POLL: Does the Type of Putter Matter?

I’ve always said that you could hand me a sawed-off broom stick with a block of wood nailed to the bottom and it would work as effectively as the most expensive putter on the market.

All putters are basically the same – it’s just that humans like to spend money thinking they are getting a fancier, more technologically advanced piece of equipment. But to me, it’s all about practice – not the type of putter you have.

What do you think?

Does the Type of Putter Matter?



  1. I would suggest that the visual aspect of any club is very important. If you are not confident using a club then you will not be successful. I agree that the more you practice, the better golfer you will be. Thanks for sharing.

    The Grateful Golfer

  2. @The Grateful Golfer – there’s some truth to that – especially since this game is 50% mental, looks indeed have a lot to do with it.

  3. Sorry all – I guess Blogger is having issues with the poll widget. Apologies.

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